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Welcome to LimitRO!

A server built different!

Vanaheim the Capital this is first spawn point, aka main town for all player.

Here you find all type of NPCs and a large Underground Plaza where you can buy almost everything you seek.

Explore our main content of Chapter 1 Prontera and Chapter 2 Geffen.

If you are to read more details, here's Server Info and Basic UI System.

Daily Todo List

Things you need to do everyday here in LimitRO.

  1. Get as many Play Points as you can by being online.
  2. Check Activity Calendar things not to miss out.
  3. Farm loots and sell for zeny until you feel content.
Dungeons Instances


Item Atlas

Make Your Equips Stronk Systems

Labyrinth Forest

Prontera Culvert

Geffen Dungeon

Geffenia Ruins

Orc Dungeon

Sealed Tomb (Quest)

Old Glastheim (Quest)

Poring Island (Daily)

MvP Laboratory (Daily)

Orc Underground Cave (Daily)

Events, World Boss

PvP, PK and BG

Mining System

Achievement System

Play Point System

Attendance Checker System

Weapon List

Equipment List

Headgear List

Shadow Equipment List

Costume Headgear List

Costume Garment List

Enchantment System

Refinement System

Random Options System

Reform System

Grade System

Changelogs | 4th Job Mechanism