Orc Dungeon

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The infamous dungeon inside Orc Village...a place where dead Orcs gets burried.

Orc Dungeon has two floor with the F2 having Falling Bishop ruling the place, is it the one that revives all dead orcs?

Monsters inside this dungeon has special map drop of Geffen Reform Blueprint Bundle.

Orc Dungeon F1

Map Info Special Habitat Monster Habitat Loots


80x Orc Zombie

30x Zenorc

30x Orc Skeleton

10x Swift Orc Skeleton

Orc Claw

Sticky Mucus

Zenorc's Fang

Orc's Fang


Orc Dungeon F2

Map Info Special Habitat Monster Habitat Loots

1x Falling Bishop

(drops: Yggdrasil Berry, Treasure Box, Nightmare, Primal Heart)

Respawns every 60~60 minutes.

30x Twin Zenorc

30x Mutant Zenorc

60x Necromancer

10x Necromancer Leader

Dark Piece

Zenorc's Fang


Clattering Skull

Torn Magic Book