Chapter 2 Geffen

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Second Chapter of LimitRO.

Take the Portal to Geffen, and take the journey to clear each stages of this chapter.

There are total 12 stages and 1 boss stage.

3 Dungeons, Geffen Dungeon, Geffenia and Orc Dungeon.

1 daily instance called Orc Underground Cave.

  • LimitRO is stage based map progression.
  • To unlock each stage, you have to clear the quest of each stage.
  • Access Stage 2:2? You have to complete Stage 2:1 quest.
  • Every monster on Chapter 2 maps has chance to map drop Geffen Amethyst

Geffen NPCs

Tool Dealer Shop NPCs Title Sells
Tool Dealer Tool Dealer

Fly Wing Butterfly Wing Yggdrasil Leaf Empty Bottle

Wedding Shop Dealer N/A Bouquet Wedding Bouquet Wedding Dress Wedding Veil Tuxedo
Equipment Shop NPCs Title Costs Sells
Bisti Geffen Weaponry

600x Geffen Amethyst or 240,000 zeny

Geffen Adulter Weapons

Geffen Armory

100 - 500x Geffen Amethyst or 40,000 - 200,000 zeny

Geffen Equipment

Dark Shade

Master Shadow Gears

500 - 1000x Geffen Amethyst or 200,000 - 400,000 zeny

Master Shadow Equipment

Costume & Hats NPCs Title Costs Sells

Mystara Lightgard

Buy costume backpack & hoodies using Materials.

Costume Bag & Hoods

300x Geffen Amethyst

(C) Adventurer Backpack (C) Amistr Backpack

(C) Poring Backpack (C) EXE Backpack (C) Executioner Hood (C) Necromancer's Hood (C) Skull Hood (C) Secret Sociaty Hood

(C) Oliver Wolf Hood (C) White Cat Hood


Buy mid or low headgear using Materials.

Headgear Shop

100 - 500x Geffen Amethyst

5 - 10x Large Jellopy

5 - 20x Orc Warlord Token

10,000 - 200,000 zeny

Toy Syringe Rosario Necklace Magical Booster [1]

Fallen Angel Blessing [1] New Wave Sunglasses

New Wave Sunglasses [1] Victory Wing Ears

Victory Wing Ears [1]

Mother Trisha

Buy Geffen faith helmets using Materials.

Headgear Shop

600x Geffen Amethyst, 300x Hand of God

100x Dark Piece, 10x Treasure Box, 100000 zeny


600x Geffen Amethyst, 300x Brigan

100x Angel's Dream, 10x Treasure Box, 100000 zeny

Geffen Faith Helmet
Workshop NPCs Title Costs Sells


Refine your weapon or equipment, buy refine hammers.

Refining Master

100,000 Zeny

500,000 Zeny

100,000 Zeny

Geffen Armory Refine Hammer +7

Geffen Armory Refine Hammer +9

Vivatus Weapon Special Refine Hammer


Exchange your ore materials.

Ore Fusion Base materials and 10 -1,000 zeny Refining Ores


Broken weapon or equipment, repair them.


Repair broken items.


Reform your Adulter weapons into Vivatus weapons.

Adulter Weapon Reform

+7 Adulter weapon

50x Blueprints to 150x Blueprints

Geffen Vivatus weapons


Increase Grades of your high level equipment.

Grade Enchanter

Ether Crystals and Zeny

Graded equipment or weapons

Bishop Mark

Sells random option appliers.

Random Options


Pontifex Courage Pontifex Wisdom

Pontifex Tenacity Pontifex Belief

Booster Amplifier Victorious Happiness

Silver Statue Cursed Blood Gold Statue

Ancient Heroic Bravery Ancient Heroic Wisdom

Great Heroic Bravery Great Heroic Wisdom

Heroic LT Physical Modifier Heroic LT Magical Modifier

Luna Frostvale

Can apply enchants to Geffen Backpacks and Hoodies


Materials and Zeny


Can apply enchants to Geffen faith Helmet and Armors

Enchanter Materials and Zeny


Can apply enchants to Chapter 2 related costumes

Enchanter Materials and Zeny

Flint Quarrymaster

Get free daily Pickaxes, craft pickaxes!

Mining Shop Materials and Zeny

Iron Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe

Silver Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Mithril Magic Pickaxe

Fatigue Inn NPCs Title Costs Sells

Grakki and Trakki

Reset your activity fatigue to 0 once a day.

Inn Receptionist 5,000 zeny Fatigue resets to 0

Stage 2:1

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Evolved Rafflesia

Help little Rafflesia by hunting down 20 wild Rafflesias

bring it 10x Shoot 


10,000 Zeny

60x Dustiness

60x Deviace

60x Rafflesia

10x Swift Rafflesia

15x Deep Sea Deviace

Moth Dust

Moth Wings

Insect Feeler

Ancient Tooth

Ancient Lips

Deep Sea Shell

Maneater Root


Four Leaf Clover

Stage 2:2

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Prison Warden Dave

Help Dave by collecting 50x Worn-out Prison Uniform


11000 zeny

100x Alligator

10x Solid Alligator

50x Anolian

10x Furious Anolian

1x Runaway Crocodile

Anolian Skin

Royal Jelly

Worn-out Prison Uniform

Treasure Box

Stage 2:3

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Diggin Dirk

This guy is digging something, help him.

Get him 5x Iron Ore


12,000 Zeny + 2x Gold Ore

60x Rafflesia Alnoldi

10x Swift Rafflesia Arnoldi

60x Permeter

15x Ominous Permeter



Hinalle Leaflet

Aloe Leaflet

Turtle Shell

Mastela Fruit

Old Shell

Fine Old Doll

Stage 2:4

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Royal Knight Kyle

Need your help to hunt down 100 Orcs on this map.


13,000 Zeny

100x Orc Warrior

80x Orc Lady

40x Orc Baby

10x Furious Orc Warrior

10x Solid Orc Lady

1x Orc Lord (MvP)

Orcish Voucher

Fly Wing


Nursing Bottle


MvP drop

Treasure Box

Yggdrasil Berry

Heroic Emblem

Stage 2:5

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Goblin King II

Goblin Village raided by Orcs, help Goblin King and rescue few Goblins who didn't made it out.


14,000 zeny + unlock Goblin King special instance

100x Orc Archer

80x High Orc

10x Solid High Orc

1x Orc Hero (MvP)


Orcish Voucher

Ogre Tooth



Stage 2:6

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Professor Zephyr

Help him with research, collect 15x Pointed Scale and 5x Tough Scalelike Stem


15,000 zeny

100x Wormtail

10x Wormtail Ringleader

60x Stem Worm

10x Swift Stem Worm

40x Chaos Stem Worm

60x Dragon Tail

10x Swift Dragon Tail

Pointed Scale

Tough Scalelike Stem

Mysterious Sap

Wing of Dragonfly

Round Shell

Solid Shell

Stage 2:7

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Axeman Bill

This guy is looking for his lost friends inside the forest.

He himself is not insied the forest.

Find his friends.


16,000 zeny

50x Wooden Golem

50x Wood Goblin

100x Snake

50x Anacondaq

30x Side Winder

10x Snake Leader

10x Solid Side Winder

10x Side Winder Leader

10x Furious Anacondaq

Wooden Heart

Brown Root


Strong Branch


Snake Scale

Venom Canine

Scale Shell

Shining Scale

Stage 2:8

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Mechanic Bailey

Help out with repairing the bridge of Geffen.

Each crack needs 5x Piece of Egg Shell to repair.

17,000 Zeny

70x Eggyra

40x Whisper

10x Solid Whisper

15x Soul Whisper

15x Giant Whisper

Piece of Egg Shell


Stage 2:9

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Adventurer Kai

Do this adventurer a favor by delivering a message to his guild leader.

18,000 zeny

50x Kobold

50x Kobold

50x Kobold

40x Kobold Archer

10x Swift Kobold Archer

10x Solid Kobold

15x Kobold Leader

Blue Hair


Royal Jelly

Stage 2:10

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Repair Bot

Help this little Bot with repairing bridge of Geffen.


19,000 Zeny

80x Hydra

40x Iron Fist

30x Penomena

10x Penomena Ringleader

10x Furious Penomena

40x Gryphon

15x Temple Gryphon


Sticky Mucus

Tail of Steel Scorpion

Coral Reef


Talon of Griffon

Soft Feather

Stage 2:11

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Sir Gideon

Talk to Gideon, he will give you 5x Shining Stone

Try to tame a Petite.


20,000 Zeny

80x Petite

80x Petite

50x Deleter

50x Deleter

30x Rigid Sky Deleter

30x Rigid Earth Deleter

15x Flame Deleter

Dragon Canine

Petite's Tail

Dragon Skin

Dragon Scale

Dragon Tail

Stage 2:12

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Bishop Light

The bishop is on the way to Glastheim, but there are too many monsters. Clear the road.


20,000 zeny

80x Wanderer

10x Furious Wanderer

15x Corrupted Wanderer

80x Dark Priest

10x Furious Dark Priest


Hand of God

Stage 2:Boss

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots


This is instance quest.

Recommended to have a party, whole party can clear this.

Hunt down Root Corruption and Amdarais


1x Valkyrie Spear

10x Aquamarine, 10x Topaz, 10x Amethyst

10x Amber

80x Khalitzburg

80x Raydric

80x Raydric Archer

10x Swift Raydric

10x Solid Raydric

15x Polluted Raydric

15x Polluted Raydric Archer

Chivalry Emblem