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This is a Special daily instance.

Purpose of this instance is to summon 3 random MvPs, this is meassure to prevent players to sit camp or dominate MvPs. This instance makes sure that everyone has chance to hunt down MvPs in LimitRO.

Requirement Entrance Location Note Reward

None, well a good party I would say.

MvPs are not easy to kill.

In Vanaheim

North East part

Talk to Dr. Stronk to create instance.

This is a Daily Instance, it means you can do it once every day.

You can fight MvPs.

3 random MvP spawn

Primal Heart


Steps Details
1 Once inside, talk to MvP Researcher, then wait until he opens up the warp.
2 Enter the warps to go further, and stop to speak with Senior Researcher.
3 He activates Main Switch, click on it and enter the next warp.
4 Note: Once you arrive to the center engine, the dialogs of 1st MvP summon will start right away, you have a few minutes to prepare before the dialog ends.
5 Kill all 3 random MvPs and you are done, then exit through warp to the right.

Tips of Killing MvPs

It depends on which one.

But you need to be strong...and have a party...

Monster Habitat

Golden Thief Bug
Labyrinth Baphomet