Chapter 1 Prontera

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First Chapter of LimitRO.

Take the Portal to Prontera, and take the journey to clear each stages of this chapter.

There are total 12 stages and 1 boss stage.

2 Dungeons Prontera Culvert and Labyrinth Forest.

1 Daily instance called Poring Island.

  • LimitRO is stage based map progression.
  • To unlock each stage, you have to clear the quest of each stage.
  • Enter Stage 1:2? You have to complete Stage 1:1 quest.
  • Every monster on Chapter 1 maps has chance to map drop Prontera Crystal, the rate based on stage.

Prontera NPCs

Tool Dealer Shop NPCs Title Sells
Tool Dealer Tool Dealer

Fly Wing Butterfly Wing Yggdrasil Leaf Empty Bottle

Equipment Shop NPCs Title Costs Sells
Miss Minin Prontera Weaponary

50x Prontera Crystal or 5,000 zeny

Prontera Weapons
Red Manny

Prontera Armory

20x Prontera Crystal or 2,000 zeny

Prontera Equipment

Black Scope

Prontera Shadow Gears

100 - 150x Prontera Crystal or 10,000 - 15,000 zeny

Prontera Shadow Equipment

Costume & Hats NPCs Title Costs Sells


Buy costume backpack using Materials.

Costume Backpack

100x Prontera Crystal

C Red Backpack C Black Backpack

C Blue Backpack C Purple Backpack


Buy costume hood using Materials.

Costume Hoods

100x Prontera Crystal

(C) Rabbit Hood (C) Black Cat Hood

(C) Squirrel Ear Hood (C) Black Moon Cat Hood

Mets Alpha

Buy mid or low headgear using Materials.

Headgear Shop

5x Large Jellopy + 30x Jellopy + 5k Zeny

100x Prontera Crystal + 50x Jellopy + 10k Zeny

Vegetable Headgear

Prontera Masks 


Buy Prontera circlet using Materials.

Headgear Shop

300x Prontera Crystal

5x Gold

3x Aquamarine

1x Emerald 50k Zeny

Prontera Circlet
Workshop NPCs Title Costs Sells


Refine your weapon or equipment, buy refine hammers.

Refining Master

10,000 Zeny

10,000 Zeny

100,000 Zeny

Prontera Weapon Refine Hammer

Prontera Armory Refine Hammer

Prontera Circlet Refine Hammer


Broken weapon or equipment, repair them.


Repair broken items.


Exchange your ore materials.

Ore Fusion Base materials and 10 -1,000 zeny Refining Ores

Flint Quarrymaster

Get free daily Pickaxes, craft pickaxes!

Mining Shop Materials and Zeny Iron Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe

Silver Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Mithril Magic Pickaxe


Prontera weapon and equipment enchanter.


Materials and Zeny


Prontera hood  and backpack enchanter.


Materials and Zeny

Catholic Farmer

Prontera circlet and vetetable low hat enchanter.


Materials and Zeny

Student Tracy

Chapter 1 costume headgear and other costume garment enchanter.


Materials and Zeny

Fatigue Inn NPCs Title Costs Sells


Reset your activity fatigue to 0 once a day.

Inn Receptionist 5,000 zeny Fatigue resets to 0

Stage 1:1

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots


He asks you to hunt 20 Lunatics

and to hunt 1 Eclipse

also to bring him 5x Clover (705)


1000 zeny

1x Grass Carp

100x Lunatic

60x Leaf Lunatic

40x Clover Lunatic

10x Solid Lunatic

10x Lunatic Ringleader

15x Eclipse



Four Leaf Clover


Stage 1:2

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots


He asks you to find his nephew lost in the forest.

Find his nephew, same map, a bit to the west, then go back to him.

(Coordination spoiler: 344/306)


2000 zeny

Side Quest

Help nephew back home to Prontera

Reward: 1x Gold Fish Head Hat Crafting Scroll

100x Fabre

60x Pupa

30x Creamy

20x Creamy Fear

20x Caterpillar

10x Swift Creamy

10x Solid Fabre

10x Fabre Ringleader



Sticky Mucus


Powder of Butterfly

Insect Feeler

Stage 1:3

Map Info

Quest Info

Monster Habitat


Singer Ragi and Chef Bob

Those two best friends are practising their own skills.

They are hungry and needs you to bring them

10x Grasshopper's Leg


Fried Grasshopper Legs

8000 Zeny

80x Rocker

20x Grassland Rocker

40x Metaller

10x Elusive Rocker

10x Swift Metaller

15x Vocal

Grasshopper's Leg

Insect Feeler

Rocker Doll



Stage 1:4

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots


This one is tricky, you need to hunt 99 Porings within 30 minutes!


4000 Zeny

200x Poring

60x Little Poring

10x Poring Ringleader

10x Furious Poring

10x Elusive Poring

10x Swift Poring

15x Mastering


Sticky Mucus

Poring Doll


Stage 1:5

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Lilly Frog Scientist

Help this scientist by bringing 10x Spawn to her.


5000 Zeny

80x Roda Frog

40x Thara Frog

20x Sweet Roda Frog

20x Poison Toad

10x Elusive Thara Frog

10x Swift Poison Toad

15x Toad

Sticky Webfoot



Poisonous Toad Skin

Poisonous Powder

Stage 1:6

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Baron Yoyo Scientist

Help another scientist, this time he needs to save the Yoyo habitat...

he asks you to Hunt down 20 Ambernites.


6000 Zeny

60x Ambernite

80x Yoyo

50x Choco

30x Living Peach Tree

10x Swift Yoyo

10x Solid Yoyo

10x Elusive Ambernite

10x Solid Living Peach Tree

Snail's Shell


Yoyo Tail

Yoyo Doll

Claw of Monkey

Solid Peach

Stage 1:7

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Prontera Soldier Ted

Clear the route for adventuerers, many dangerous plant.

Hunt down 10x Jungle Mandragoras


7000 Zeny

80x Coco

50x Mandragora

30x Jungle Madragora

10x Swift Coco

10x Solid Coco

10x Solid Mandragora



Animal Skin


Stage 1:8

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Prontera Soldier Justin

Justin asks you to help his uncle by bring 

5x Sandpaper to his Uncle.

Uncle Sam lives in Prontera:
(Coordination spoiler: prontera 263/275)

Reward: 8000 Zeny

80x Caramel

30x Taffy

100x Chonchon

60x Steel Chonchon

30x Hunter Fly

10x Swift Caramel

10x Solid Steel Chonchon

10x Furious Hunter Fly

Porcupine Quill

Animal Skin



Fly Wing

Chonchon Doll

Solid Shell

Stage 1:9

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Ranger Windor

Prove yourself to Windor that you are a Wolf Ranger.

Hunt down 5x Vagabond Wolf


9000 Zeny

Title Wolf Ranger

100x Wolf

60x Frozen Wolf

10x Swift Wolf

15x Vagabond Wolf

Wolf Claw

Animal Skin


Ice Cubic


Ice Piece

Stage 1:10

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Dead Man

You see a dying man from him out.

Bring him 1x Holy Water, you can either make it or buy from underground plaza.


10000 Zeny

Side Quest

Bring him another 30x Cactus Needle

Reward: Survival Crafting Scroll

100x Baby Desert Wolf

60x Muka

30x Desert Wolf

30x Hunter Desert Wolf

10x Muka Ringleader

10x Baby Desert Wolf Leader

10x Furious Baby Desert Wolf

Claw of Desert Wolf

Animal Skin

Cactus Needle

Stage 1:11

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Knight Jesper

This NPC will give you a Fatty Chubby Earthworm to tame Peco Peco.

If you success or fail, well you completes anyways.


11000 Zeny

50x Picky

50x Picky

60x Peco Peco

30x Grand Peco

30x Peco Peco Egg

10x Elusive Peco Peco

10x Solid Grand Peco

10x Grand Peco Ringleader

10x Furious Picky


Bill of Birds

Feather of Birds

Peco Peco Feather

Stage 1:12

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Bishop Mark

He is in the same map as Knight Jesper...the quest above.

This bishop needs 20x Scell, to enchant his items...

Bring him the items.


3x Classic Hat Ticket

(exchange for any classic costume at Styling Shop in Vanaheim)

30x Goblin

30x Goblin

30x Goblin

30x Goblin

30x Goblin

20x Goblin Archer

15x Goblin Steamrider

15x Panzer Goblin

10x Elusive Goblin

10x Swift Goblin

15x Goblin Leader




Stage 1:Boss

Map Info Quest Info Monster Habitat Loots

Friar Patrick

This is instance quest.

Recommended to have a party, only party leader can clear this, other members are just to help.

Hunt down Tristan I

[C Kings Sword]

50x Smokie

10x Furious Smokie

Raccoon Leaf

Animal Skin

Raccoon Doll