Old Glastheim

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Basic Info


Entrance Location

Note Reward

Completed Stage 2:12

Need a party.

On Stage: 2: Boss map (glast_01)

Coordination spoiler: 194/291

Talk to Munin to create instance and enter Gate of Old Glastheim.

 Any party member with this quest can clear it.

This instance has NO Cool Down!

One time reward

(C) Valkyrie Spear

10x Aquamarine 10x Topaz

10x Amethyst 10x Amber


Step Coords Details
1 149/41

Once inside, follow the navigation arrows on the floor to Varmundt.

2 149/100 Then he will ask you to speak with Heinrich.


Complete full conversation with Heinrich, and wait until full conversation with Himmelzmez is complete as well.


Heinrich's soldiers will turn evil, kill them or wait until Heinrich kills them.



Enter west part of Glastheim and kill monsters until Little Castle Boy appears.



Talk to Little Castle Boy, and then continue.



Enter east part of Glastheim and kill monsters until Hollgrehenn's Mother appears.

8 291/145 Talk to Hollgrehenn's Mother, and then continue.
9 227/216 Walk north part of Glastheim, and kill monsters around 85x until Himmelzmez appears.
10 150/257 Go near Himmelzmez and first boss fight begins, Corruption Root.
11 Floor 2 Now go to 2nd Floor.
12 150/66 Listen to Heinrich and Varmundt's conversation.
13 148/123 Go to west part of this floor and hunt monsters until 1st Commander appears, kill it.
14 151/101 Go to east part of this floor and hunt monsters until 2nd Commander appears, kill it.
15 150/161 Go to north part of this floor and face Himmelzmez.
16 Final Boss Amdarais will appears, kill it.
17 N/A Talk to Munin outside and congrats you comleted Chapter 2!

Tips on Corruption Root killing

This boss can't move, so it's wise to keep a good distance.

Tips on Amdairas killing

Lure it around, and dps him.

Have a tank is good.

Monster Habitat 

A list of monsters that randomly spawns in this instance:

Corrupted Abysmal Knight, Suffering Khalitzburg, Hurt Grand Chamberlain, Corrupted Monk, Corrupted Steward, Maggot, Wandering Archer, Corrupted Palace Guard, Bloody Knight