Vanaheim the Capital

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Capital city of LimitRO is Vanaheim.

Ancient city with a wonderful unground plaza where all NPC merchants are gathered selling a vast range of different items.

  • @go 0 command to quickly travel back to Vanaheim
  • Upon landing on Vanaheim, your character receives full HP/SP/AP.

Vanaheim Service NPCs

Job Changer Service Info Job Reset Service Info

Knight Dish


  • Job change to any 4th Job.
  • Upon changing, you will automatically receive max level 260/55.



  • Resets your job back to Novice Lv 1/1. 
Job Reset Service Info Quest Skills Service Info



  • Resets your job back to Summoner Lv 1/1.

Sir Umiro


  • Gives you Quest Skills for 2,000 Zeny.
Build Manager Service Info Homunculus Breeder Service Info

Sura Master


  • Save up to 5 builds for 9,999 zeny ea
  • Quick load pre-set Stats/Traits and Skills



  • Makes your Homunculus instant max level.
  • Makes your Homunculus Loyal.
  • Evolve and Mutate Homunculus.
  • Shuffles Homunculus stats.
Rental Services
Training Ground

Captain Trock


  • Rent cart for merchants.
  • Rent mounts or rides.
  • Retal tool shop selling Mounts for zeny.



  • Send you to training ground, you can summon Dummy Egg to test damage.
VIP Manager
VIP Aura & Buff



  • Extend your VIP Status for 80 Cash Points for 30 days.

Nyan Maid


  • Give VIP Status players 40+ Aura to choose from.
  • Gives Hourly Yggdrasil Blessing buff.
Kafra Employee
Skill & Stats Reset

Kafra Employee


  • Save your respawn point.
  • Open Storage 2, Storage 3 and Storage 4.
  • Set Storage password.

Mr. Oz


  • Reset your Stats and Skills anytime for free.
Event Info
Guild Manager

Event Genie


  • Show auto event schedules during Weekends.



  • He sells Emperium for 50,000 Zeny.
  • You can instant Max guild level here.
  • Manager of guild storage.
Clothing Colorist
Styling Shop

Gorgeous Yanata


  • He can dye your cloth color for 10,000 zeny.

Designer Chrome


  • Opens up the Styling Shop UI, you can change hairstyles or exchange a classic costume hat.
Plagiarism Service



  • You can copy skills from him as Abyss Chaser.

Equipment and Other Shops

NPC Name Title Coordination Costs Sells
Gelca Vanaheim Weaponary vana_in02 49/135 10x Jellopy or 500 zeny Vanaheim Weapons
Robert Vanaheim Armory vana_in02 40/135 10x Jellopy or 500 zeny

Vanaheim Equipment

Vollgrehenn Refining Master vana_in02 52/37 Zeny Vanaheim Armor Refine Hammer

Vanaheim Weapon Refine Hammer

Rinne Candy Shop 157/120 Attendance Candy

You get daily from Attendance Checker, to buy following items:

True Tyr's Blessing True Mental Potion   Megaphone Token Of Siegfried

Character Name Change Coupon Inventory Expansion Coupon

Captain Trock Rental Services 225/89 Zeny Riding Halter Box (1Day) Falcon Flute Wolf Flute Hawk Flute

Emergency Magic Gear Mado Strengthening Suit

Chivarly Mount Dragon Mount

Aladdin Pet Adoption 103/187 Event Coin

Poring Egg Drops Egg Rocker Egg Peco Peco Egg

Pet Food  Pet Incubator

Backpack Rocker Glasses

Underground Plaza

An underground market of Vanaheim, where you can practically buy everything you need.

Ranges from arrows, to potions, to exchanging monster cards.

NPC Name

Sells Details


Plaza Manager

Selling Vending Bot Letter

Buying Vending Bot Letter

In LimitRO, you don't have to vend items using merchants with can use Vending Bots!

Buy a letter that will rent you this bot for 24 hours, and you can sell up to 5 items.

All zeny from sold items and unsold itemsgoes to your RODEX (Mail) ingame.

You can also setup a buying bot, buys what you need from other players.

Achievement Shop

Garm, that's right, the MvP Garm...but in his humanform. Doing business inside Underground Plaza.

He isn't really a human and has no interests in Zeny...but he has a lot of rewards for you in exchange for Achievement Badge.

He sells many Crafting Scrolls, a magical spell that can transform materials into magical items.

Crafting Scrolls Costs Craft Materials
Cursed Knight's Shield Crafting Scroll 200 Cursed Knight's Shield [1] 200x Dragon Skin + 200x Blood Thirst + 200x Burning Horseshoe
Mad Bunny Crafting Scroll 50 Cursed Mad Bunny

200x Animal Gore + 200x Feather + 200x Shell

Tiger King Doll Hat Crafting Scroll 100 Tiger King Doll Hat [1] 5x Gold + 500x Worm Peeling

Bacsojin Doll Crafting Scroll


Bacsojin Doll Hat [1]

10x Large Jellopy + 100x Feather of Birds + 20x Aquamarine

Gold Fish Head Hat Crafting Scroll


Gold Fish Head Hat [1]

1x Ora Ora + 100x Jellopy + 100x Stem

Smokie's Transformation Leaf Crafting Scroll 100 Smokey's Transformation Leaf [1] 20x Raccoon Doll + 200x Raccoon Leaf
Survival Crafting Scroll 100

Survival Circlet [1] or Orb of Survival

10x Emerald + 200x Solid Shell + 300x Sticky Mucus

Imp Hat Crafting Scroll 100 Imp Hat [1]

1x Baphomet Doll + 200x Wing of Red Bat

Wickebine's Black Cat's Ears Crafting Scroll 100 Wickebine's Black Cat Ears [1]

1x Evil Horn + 100x Wolf Claw + 100x Cyfar + 100x Cactus Needle

Unique Costumes Costs
(C) Pursuit System 1000
(C) Mecha Cat Ears 1000
(C) Cyber Comcast 1000
(C) Glorious Imperial Pauldron 3000
(C) Baby Deviling 1000
(C) Blood Butterfly Ears 800
(C) Seraph Helm 2400
(C) Greater Dracul Horn 3000
(C) Royal Mantle 3000
(C) Many Planet 3000

Potion Shop

Fay Fay, she sells Healing Potions and many items needed for Alchemist job.
Category Item List

Red Potion Orange Potion Yellow Potion White Potion Blue Potion Green Potion Condensed Red Potion Condensed Yellow Potion Condensed White Potion Red Syrup Yellow Syrup

White Syrup Blue Syrup HP Increase Potion (Small) HP Increase Potion (Medium) HP Increase Potion (Large) SP Increase Potion (Small) SP Increase Potion (Medium) SP Increase Potion (Large)

Concentrated White Potion Z Vitata 500 Concentrated Ceromain Soup Cure Free Golden X Red Herb Activator Blue Herb Activator Concentrated Red Potion Concentrated Blue Potion Concentrated Gold Potion

Alchemist Potions

Bottle Grenade Acid Bottle Plant Bottle Marine Sphere Bottle Glistening Coat Seed of Life Embryo Fireproof Potion Coldproof Potion Earthproof Potion Thunderproof Potion Anodyne Aloevera

Genetic Supplies

Seed Of Thorny Plant Bloodsuck Plant Seed Bomb Mushroom Spore Explosive Powder Smoke Powder Tear Gas Oil Bottle Mandragora Flowerpot Apple Bomb Coconut Bomb Melon Bomb Pineapple Bomb Banana Bomb Black Lump Hard Black Lump Extremely Hard Black Lump Mysterious Powder Throwing Boost 500 Throwing Full Swing K Throwing Mana Plus Throwing Cure Free Throwing Muramura M Throwing Falmons F Throwing Increase HP Potion (Small) Throwing Increase HP Potion (Medium) Throwing Increase HP Potion (Large) Throwing Increase SP Potion (Small) Throwing Increase SP Potion (Medium) Throwing Increase SP Potion (Large) Throwing Concentrated White Potion Z Throwing Vitata 500 Throwing Ceromain Soup Throwing Savage Full Roast Throwing Cocktail Warg Blood Throwing Minor Stew Throwing Siroma Iced Tea Throwing Drosera Herb Salad Throwing Petite Tail Soup Throwing Black Mass

Biolo Potions

Flame Acid Bottle Earth Acid Bottle Gale Acid Bottle Icicle Acid Bottle High Coating Bottle High Plant Bottle

Misc Potions Concentration Potion Awakening Potion Berserk Potion

Item Collector Shop

Bartender Aiolo, he sells gemstones and wild life loots.
Category Item List
Rare Stones Yellow Gemstone Red Gemstone Blue Gemstone Scarlet Point Indigo Point Yellow Wish Point Lime Green Point Wind Stone 4th Earth Stone 4th Flame Stone 4th Poison Stone 4th Ice Stone 4th
Gemstone Pouches Blue Gemstone Pouch Yellow Gemstone Pouch Red Gemstone Pouch
Wilfdlife Items Cobweb Red Blood Crystal Blue Wind of Verdure Green Live Flame Heart Mystic Frozen Rough Wind Great Nature
Healthy Supplements Regrettable Tears Protect Neck Candy Holy Water Eye Cleaner Ear Cleaner Tonics Mini Extinguisher Water Of Lucky Strong Antidote High Energy Chocolate Refined Holy Water

Arrow Merchant

Gelfon, sells all kinds of arrows and traps.
Category Item List
Buy Arrows Arrow Silver Arrow Fire Arrow Steel Arrow Crystal Arrow Arrow of Wind Stone Arrow Immaterial Arrow Stun Arrow Frozen Arrow Flash Arrow Cursed Arrow Rusty Arrow Poison Arrow Sharp Arrow Oridecon Arrow Arrow of Shadow Sleep Arrow Mute Arrow Iron Arrow Holy Arrow Elven Arrow Hunting Arrow Siege Arrow S Siege Arrow A
Quiver Exchange

Quiver Iron Arrow Quiver Steel Arrow Quiver Oridecon Arrow Quiver Fire Arrow Quiver Silver Arrow Quiver Wind Arrow Quiver Stone Arrow Quiver Crystal Arrow Quiver Shadow Arrow Quiver Immaterial Arrow Quiver Rusty Arrow Quiver Holy Arrow Quiver Arrow Of Elf Cntr Hunting Arrow Cntr Poison Arrow Quiver Siege Arrow Quiver A Siege Arrow Quiver S Sharp Arrow Quiver

Hunting Traps

Trap Special Alloy Trap

Trap Box Exchange

Trap Box Special Alloy Trap Box

Ammunition Merchant

Acamell, this girl she sells ammunitions to Gun users.

And he got some guns in his possession.

Category Item List
Buy Guns Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [1] Altair & Ares Color Scope [2] RAG203 Death Fire [1] Rolling Thunder [1] Peace Breaker Mini Mei [2] Tempest End Of The Horizon [1] Southern Cross
Buy Ammunition

Bullet Silver Bullet Flare Bullet Lightning Bullet Ice Bullet Poison Bullet Blind Bullet Bloody Shell Armor-Piercing Bullet Blazing Bullet Freezing Bullet Lightning Bullet Magic Stone Bullet Purifying Bullet Full Metal Jacket Grenade Launcher Dragon Tail Missile Slug Bullet Nw Grenade

Cartridge Exchange

Cartridge Silver Cartridge Flare Bullet Cartridge Lightning Bullet Cartridge Ice Bullet Cartridge Poison Bullet Cartridge Blind Bullet Cartridge Lightning Sphere Pack Armor-Piercing Cartridge Incandescence Shot Cartridge Glaciation Shot Cartridge Dengeki Shot Cartridge Hearthstone Shot Cartridge Purification Shot Cartridge Full Metal Jacket Cartridge Projection Landmine Cartridge Dragon Tail Missile Cartridge Nw Grenade Box Sow Bug Pocket

Ninjutsu Shop

Kamamiru, this ninja sells all things needed for Ninja base jobs.

Kunais, shurikens, etc you name it.

Category Item List

Kunai Kunai Of Nothing Kunai Of Shadow Kunai Of Hamaya Icicle Kunai Black Earth Kunai High Wind Kunai Heat Wave Kunai Fell Poison Kunai Dried Squid Flying Fish Explosive Kunai


Shuriken Nimbus ShurikenFlash Shuriken Sharp Leaf Shuriken Thorn Needle Shuriken Starfish Light Shuriken

Ninjutsu Supplies

Fire Amulet Ice Amulet Wind Amulet Earth Amulet Flame Stone Ice Stone Wind Stone Shadow Orb SS Charm SS Charm F SS Charm W SS Charm G SS Charm L

Parchment Exchange

Kunai Scroll Kunai Scroll Nothing Kunai Scroll Shadow Kunai Scroll Hamaya Heat Wave Kunai Summon Scroll Icicle Kunai Summon Scroll High Wind Kunai Summon Scroll Black Earth Kunai Summon Scroll Fell Poison Kunai Summon Scroll Explosive Kunai Summon Scroll Fire Amulet Bundle Ice Amulet Bundle Wind Amulet Bundle Earth Amulet Bundle Flame Stone Bundle Ice Stone Bundle Wind Stone Bundle Shadow Orb Bundle SS Charm Box SS Charm F Box SS Charm W Box SS Charm G Box SS Charm L Box Dried Squid Box Flying Fish Box Starfish Box

Mado Workshop

Maura, she is a strong Meister, and sells items needed for Mado etc.

She even sells equipment needed to boost your Mado gear.

Category Item List
Component Flame Thrower Accelerator [1] Hovering Booster [1] Suicidal Device [1] Shape Shifter [1] Magnetic Field Generator [1] Barrier Builder [1] Camouflague Generator [1] Repair Kit [1] Cooling Device [1] High Quality Cooler [1] Special Cooler [1]
Supplies Monkey Wrench Vulcan BulletMagic Gear Fuel Repair C Repair B Repair A Liquid Condensed Bullet Emergency Magic Gear Mado Strengthening Suit Device Capsule Auto Battle Capsule
Cannon Balls Cannon Ball Soul Cannon Ball Holy Cannon Ball Dark Cannon Ball Iron Cannon Ball Ice Cannon Ball Lightning Cannon Ball Stone Cannon Ball Fire Cannon Ball Poison Cannon Ball
Box Exchange

Cannon Ball Box Iron Cannon Ball Box Soul Cannon Ball Box Dark Cannon Ball Box Holy Cannon Ball Box Liquid Condensed Bullet Box Cannon Box Ice Cannon Box Lightning Cannon Box Stone Cannon Box Fire Cannon Box Poison Vulcan Bullet Magazine Large Mado Gear Fuel Tank Repair A Box Repair B Box Repair C Box

Magic & Scrolls

Bartender Hamilton, the favorite guy in any bar.

Here he sells useful items for magic users such as the Spell books.

Category Item List
Buy Talisman Soa Charm
Talisman Bundle Exchange

Soa Charm Bundle

Elemental Scrolls Elemental Converter Elemental Converter Elemental Converter Elemental Converter
Buy Magic Books

Spell Book (Storm Gust) Spell Book (Lord of Vermilion) Spell Book (Meteor Storm) Spell Book (Drain Life) Spell Book (Jack Frost) Spell Book (Earth Strain) Spell Book (Crimson Rock) Spell Book (Chain Lightning) Spell Book (Comet) Spell Book (Tetra Vortex)

Rune Stones

Henrik, a retired Rune Knight doing business by selling crafted rune stones.

Good quality and cheap.

Category Item List
Rune Stones Nauthiz Rune Raido Rune Berkana Rune Isa Rune Othila Rune Uruz Rune Thurisaz Rune Wyrd Rune Hagalaz Rune Lux Anima Runestone

Poison Shop

Verkhasel, this merchant is sus, he makes poison...all plants homegrown he says.

All types of poison bottles...and he is also an artist that likes to paint.

Category Item List
Poison Bottles Poison Bottle Paralyze Leech End Oblivion Curse Disheart Toxin Pyrexia Magic Mushroom Venom Bleed
Antitode / Venom Knife

Antidote Venom Knife



Painting Tools

Face Paint Makeover Brush Paint Brush Surface Paint