Costume Garment List

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A list of all Costume garments you can get in LimitRO.

All of the costume garments are Account Bound, aka no trades or sells etc. So everyone must get their own.

They can all be enchanted.

City Backpacks

The backpacks comes in 4 different colors, you can buy them in Prontera Costume & Hats shop.

C Red Backpack C Black Backpack C Blue Backpack C Purple Backpack
4 different styles of backpacks, you can buy them in Geffen Costume & Hats shop. (C) Adventurer Backpack (C) Amistr Backpack (C) Poring Backpack (C) EXE Backpack

Quest Costume Garments

Complete Chapter 1 Boss stage instance of Sealed Tomb.

(C) Kings Twin Sword
Complete Chapter 2 Boss stage instance of Old Glastheim. (C) Valkyrie Spear

Achievement Costume Garments

Costumes received from completing Achievements. Check Achievements UI ingame for details.

(C) Miyake Clan Banner (C) Kikuchi Clan Banner

Play Point Costume Garments

Get free Play Points by staying online. You can buy fancy Costume garments from Play Shop. Keep in mind that some more expensive wings comes with special effects.

(C) Angel Wings (C) Fallen Angel Wings (C) Golden Angel Wings (C) Crimson Angel Wings (C) Happy Angel Wings (C) Bloody Angel Wings (C) Blue Angel Wings (C) Guardian Angel Wings
(C) Kirin Wings (C) Great Devil Wings (C) Mechanical Wings (C) Valkyrie Wings (C) Gimmick One Wing (C) Mechanical Butterfly (C) Wing of Spider (C) Nydhogg Wings (C) Melody Wings