Sealed Tomb

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This is a Chapter 1 Stage:Boss Instance the final thing you need to clear of Chapter 1.

It means you only needs to complete it once. But you can help others completing it if you want to.

Basic Info


Entrance Location

Note Reward

Completed Stage 1:12

Have created a Party and is the Party Leader.

On Stage: Boss map (prt_monk)

Coordination spoiler: 193/168

Enter the building and walk though the rooms to find Friar Patrick.

 Only Party Leader can clear this quest.

So if you are more than one in the party, take turns to redo this.

This instance has NO Cool Down!

It's a one time reward

(C) Kings Twin Sword


Step Coords Details
1 141/221

Once inside, follow the navigation arrows on the floor to Gravestone.

2 141/221 Talk to Gravestone and choose Waited for me? option.


Now there will be many more Gravestones highligthed on minimap.


Choose one of it...any...until you or someone finds Pendant of Spirit



Take this Pendant of Spirit and talk to Gravestone, the one you talked to in step 1.



Now follow nagivation and walk to middle of the map, and talk to Ancient Hero's Soul.



Here it's VERY IMPORTANT that you talk to him 4 times!!!!

and talk to him from 1, 2, 3 and 4 options when you talk to him.

8 176/119 After you talked to him 4 times and all options checked, you can see new MINI MAP indicators.

You need to complete 2 Tasks.

9 Random 1. Bobbing Torches! Party leader needs to get Essence of Fire.

You need to bring 10x Essence of Fire.

10 Random 2. Hunt Apostle of Tristan...they look like Ghosts.

Each party member need to have 1x Token of Apostle in inventory. So if you are 3 ppl, all 3 must have it.

11 176/119 Return to Ancient Hero's Soul and he will open portal to 2nd floor.
12 281/20 Follow navigation on floor, enter warp to 2nd floor.
13 79/65 On 2nd Floor, goto middle and The Main Altar.

Summon Tristan I the boss. Kill him.

14 N/A When you cleared the hunting Tristan I quest, Ancient Hero's Soul will appear, talk to him to exit instance and back to Friar Patrick for reward and you are done with Chapter 1! Congrats!

Tips on Tristan I killing

  1.  Once Tristan spawns, the party can damage him for 3 seconds before it becomes invulernable.
  2. When invulernable, you have to use following methods.
    1. There are 5 seals that will weaken Tristan. An announcement will tell which one of the following locations is available at that time: Main (center then little north), Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast.
    2. The locations are marked as red circles on the map.
    3. Lure Tristan into the available Seal.
    4. Then a player must talk to the altar seal Magical Formation to weaken Baphomet, which gives the oarty a few seconds to damage Tristan.
    5. After some time, Tristan will become invulnerable again and party needs to wait until the next seal available is announced. Repeat the previous steps until Tristan is dead.

Monster Habitat

A list of monsters that randomly spawns in this instance:

Tomb Lude, Tomb Wraith, Tomb Raydric, Tomb Cursed Knight, Tomb Gigant, Tomb Khalitzburg, Tomb Swordman Ghost, Tomb Necromancer, Tomb Scorpion, Tomb Boa