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In LimitRO there is global reduction of all skill damage by -99.9% and regular damage by -99%.

This setting prevents 1 shot kills, very good!

Player Kill (PK)

All Fields and Dungeons are PK Map flagged.

  • Gony is the Manager of PK, he has info of PK Rankings and your stats.
  • All starts with 1000 PK Points.
  • f you get killed on PK maps, you will -1 PK Point.
  • If you kill others on PK maps, you will receive +1 PK Point.
  • To be ranked, you have to at least kill or be killed by someone.
  • Every Monday points resets back to 1000 PK Points.

Player vs Player (PvP)

Arena Match Royal Match
Info Rewards
  • Monday to Friday
  • Server Time: 09:00 and 14:00
  • Event duration: 15 minutes
  • Enter using @joinpvp command.
  • Goal: Kill others in Arena and kill Fallen Soul mobs.

Player Dog Tag (drop from other players)

Battle Token (drop from Fallen Soul mobs)

Info  Rewards
  • Monday to Friday
  • Server Time: 08:00 and 13:00
  • Event duration: 3 minutes
  • Enter through Guard Frank, appears in Vanaheim.
  • Goal: Survive to the end.

20x Colosseum Flower (dropped on floor at the end)

Player Dog Tag (drop from other players)

Battleground (BG)

  • Battleground queue, que up as Individual.
  • Select the BG mode that you want to play with friends.
  • Everyone queues up and begin the BG.
  • Rewards: Battle Token