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Welcome to LimitRO, the ultimate 4th job exclusive server where leveling is a thing of the past! Dive into a custom progression based on kRO gears without the hassle of extreme multi-account progression. Here, it's all about chilling out and enjoying the game.

Experience the perfect balance of a mid/high-rate server with drops and gear crafting that won't leave you overwhelmed. As someone in their mid-30s, we get it – not every server has to be an endless grind. LimitRO is here to provide a refreshing and enjoyable gaming experience.

Get ready for some exciting Player vs. Player action because, in this PK server, perfect gears are just a battle away! Embrace the thrill of the game by challenging and defeating your opponents – it's time to "kill'em all"!

And guess what? No Cash Shop headaches here! Say goodbye to lotteries and katsuas. At LimitRO, we keep it simple with a small monthly subscription that comes with a little bonus. Just focus on enjoying the game – we've got the rest covered. Join us for an adventure where fun knows no limits! 😉

Basic Settings

Client Side Configs Drops / EXP Configs Other Configs
  • 2022 Client Version (not supporting Dx9)
  • Max Client per PC: 1
  • Max Hairstyle 42
  • Max Hair Color 8
  • Max Cloth Color 699
  • Body Style Max 1
  • WoE Damage Hidden
  • Area Cell View: 20
  • Max Walk Cell Path: 17
  • Max Level Aura: Can be toggled on/off
  • Hallucination effect: On
  • Item Auto Get: No (noautoloots, this to prevent AFK/Bot/Macro farmers)
  • Item visible on Floor before vanish: 60 seconds
  • All Drop rates are set on 1x (we have custom monsters drop most items 50% and above)
  • Drop rate affected by LUK: No
  • Special item pillar effect on drop: Activated
  • EXP rates not really a thing here, because you get Instant Max Level
  • No monster or Quests ingame gives any EXP
  • PvP/GvG/PK/BG has 99% Skill reduction and 10% Normal attack reduction
  • Ammo consumed when used: Enabled
  • Homunculus Friendly Rate: You can talk to NPC to make it max.
  • Rename Homunculus: Once
  • Vending Tax: 0%
  • GTB Card doesn't grant immunity to Magic Attacks.
  • All items giving Teleport skill changed to give other skill.
  • Greed skill changed to consume zeny
  • Pet Auto Feed: Enabled

Monster AI

Player Configs

Skills Config

  • Mobs will update their target cell every few iterations  (normally they never update their target cell until they reach it while chasing)
  • Mobs use their "rude attack" skill (usually warping away) if they are attacked and they can't attack back regardless of how they were attacked (eg: GrimTooth), otherwise, their rude attack" is only activated if they can't melee reach the target (eg: sniping)
  • A mob will pick a random skill from it's list and start from that instead of checking skills in orders (when unset, if a mob has too many skills, the ones near the end will rarely get selected)
  • A mob's skill re-use delay will not be applied to all entries of the same skill, instead, only to that particular entry (eg: Mob has heal on six lines in the mob_skill_db, only the entry that is actually used will receive the delay). This will make monsters harder, especially MvPs.
  • Monsters that are provoked will always change target to the provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack.
  • HP/SP/AP Rate: 1x
  • Player invicibility time on spawn: 5 seconds
  • Max ASPD: 193
  • Max Stats: 130
  • Max Stats Extended Jobs: 125
  • Max HP: 5000000
  • PK Enabled all maps except Town/Instances
  • Doram Race: Player + Doram
  • Doram Size: Small
  • Variable Cast Time to 0: Dex * 2 + INT = 530
  • Fixed Variable Cast Time: Need equipment or enchant to reduce
  • Skill Cast server side delay: 150 ms
  • Item Use server side delay: 300 ms
  • Skill range, depends on skill, max is 14
  • Monk combo delay: 200 ms
  • Monster Heal max: 999999
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Limited Character Focus Instant Max Level
  • Maximize your gaming experience with a two-characters per PC policy.
  • Emphasis on quality over quantity, eliminating the need for multiple accounts.
  • Skip the traditional leveling grind; start your adventure at the pinnacle with instant max level.
  • Dive straight into main content without the need to spend hours on leveling.
Zero RNG, Maximum Progression Custom Progression System
  • Enjoy a game designed around skill and patience, minimizing the impact of luck.
  • Say goodbye to frustrating RNG elements; progression is based on your efforts and expertise.
  • Explore a unique and streamlined progression system with chapters instead of episodes.
  • No tedious daily quests or excessive grinding; focus on the essence of your journey.
PK Enabled with Weekly Ranking Summery
  • Engage in thrilling player-versus-player (PK) action with a PK-enabled environment.
  • Compete in weekly rankings and earn rewards for your combat prowess.
These highlights showcase a server that values player time and effort, promoting a focused and rewarding gaming experience. With a streamlined progression system, absence of RNG frustrations, and a single character per PC approach, LimitRO offers a unique and skill-driven journey for players seeking a more direct path to end-game content. The addition of PK rankings adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to the server's dynamic environment.

Road Map

Date Content
2023.10.10 Beta Test Chapter 1
2023.12.12 Public Launch Chapter 1
2024.02.01 Chapter 2 Geffen
2024.05.XX Chapter 3 XXX
2024.09.XX Chapter 4 XXX
2024.12.XX Chapter 5 XXX

Server Rules / Guidelines

Violating any of LimitRO server rules will be dealt with fire and fury! >:D

Naah, but please don't do it...really just want a nice, fair, chill server for all to enjoy on. We are too old for this "punishing" shit...Buuuuuuuuut!

If you really still do violation of these guidelines may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense. GM Lai reserves the right to take appropriate action to maintain a positive community.

Remember, LimitRO is a place for enjoyment and camaraderie. Let's work together to create a fantastic gaming environment for everyone!

  1. Be Respectful:

    • Treat others with kindness, courtesy, and respect.
    • Avoid offensive language, discrimination, and personal attacks.
    • Respect different opinions and playstyles.
  2. No Toxic Behavior:

    • Do not engage in toxic, aggressive, or disruptive behavior.
    • Avoid spamming, trolling, or harassing others.
    • Report any toxic behavior to the staff.
  3. Positive Communication:

    • Foster a positive atmosphere through your words and actions.
    • Encourage and support fellow players.
    • Use constructive feedback rather than criticism.
  4. Helpful and Inclusive:

    • Assist newcomers and be patient with questions.
    • Embrace diversity and inclusion within the community.
    • Create a welcoming environment for all players.
  5. No Macro/AFK/Botting:
    • Play actively and refrain from using macros, AFK farming, or botting.
    • Contribute to the game environment by being present and engaged.
  6. No Bug Abuse:
    • Report any bugs or glitches to the staff promptly.
    • Do not exploit or abuse bugs for personal gain.
  7. No Excuses for Cheating:

    • Cheating, including macro/AFK/botting or bug abuse, is strictly prohibited.
    • No excuses or justifications for engaging in unfair practices.
  8. Respectful PvP, PK, GvG, BG and other Competition:

    • Engage in fair play during PvP related and other competitive activities.
    • Avoid disruptive behavior or exploiting loopholes in the game mechanics.
  9. Reporting Violations:

    • Report any suspicious behavior, macro/AFK/botting, or bug abuse to the staff.
    • Provide evidence when reporting to aid in investigations.
  10. Positive Communication:

    • Foster a positive atmosphere in chat and interactions.
    • Report inappropriate behavior and contribute to a friendly community.
  11. Maintain a Positive Gaming Experience:
    • Enjoy the game and encourage others to do the same.
    • Celebrate achievements and success, both your own and others'.
  12. No Advertising or Spamming:
    • Refrain from advertising other servers or unrelated content.
    • Avoid excessive spamming in chats.
  13. Consequences for Violations:

    • Violations of these rules may result in warnings, penalties, or account suspension.
    • The severity of consequences will depend on the nature and frequency of the offense.
  14. Respect Staff Decisions:

    • Follow the instructions of the server staff.
    • If you have concerns, address them through appropriate channels without public confrontation.