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A list of all Costume headgears you can get in LimitRO.

There are Upper, Middle and Lower costume headgars that are spread out through different ways to get!

City Costumes


List of costumes

Buy from Oliver costume hood using Prontera Crystals.

All costumes occupies Upper, Middle and Lower slots.

(C) Rabbit Hood (C) Black Cat Hood (C) Squirrel Ear Hood (C) Black Moon Cat Hood

Buy from Mystara Lightgard using Geffen Amethyst.

All costumes occupies Upper, Middle and Lower slots.

(C) Executioner Hood (C) Necromancer's Hood (C) Skull Hood (C) Secret Sociaty Hood

(C) Oliver Wolf Hood (C) White Cat Hood

Classic Costumes

A list of classic looking Costume hats. Can be exchanged from Styling Shops designer UI, using Classic Hat Ticket.

Classic costumes can't be enchanted.

(C) Goggles (C) Kitty Band (C) Glasses (C) Flower (C) Flower Hairband (C) Bandana (C) Turban (C) Flu Mask (C) Hairband (C) Diver's Goggles (C) Biretta (C) Sunglasses (C) Eye Bandage (C) Cap (C) Bunny Band (C) Hat (C) Ribbon (C) Circlet (C) Tiara (C) Santa Hat (C) Bandit Beard (C) Mustache (C) Monocle (C) Black Beard (C) White Beard (C) Purple Glasses (C) Geek Glasses (C) Large Ribbon (C) Sweet Hat (C) Golden Gear (C) Romantic Hat (C) Western Grace (C) Coronet (C) Cute Ribbon (C) Monk Hat (C) Wizard Hat (C) Sunflower (C) Angel Hairband (C) Devil Hairband (C) Helm (C) Majestic Goat (C) Unicorn Horn (C) Spiky Hairband (C) Veil (C) Crown (C) Propeller (C) Mini Glasses (C) Army Cap (C) Clown Nose (C) Zorro Mask (C) Munak Hat (C) Gangster Mask (C) Iron Cain (C) Cigarette (C) Pipe (C) Romantic Flower (C) Romantic Leaf (C) Dude Glasses (C) Stop Sign (C) Doctor Headband (C) Ghost Bandana (C) Red Bandana (C) Eagle Eyes (C) Nurse Cap (C) Smile Mask (C) Bomb Wick (C) Sakkat (C) Opera Mask (C) Halo (C) Ear Muffs (C) Antlers (C) Apple of Archer (C) Elven Ears (C) Pirate Bandana (C) Scream Mask (C) Poo Poo Hat (C) Funeral Hat (C) Butterfly Mask (C) Welding Mask (C) Pretend Murdered (C) Stellar (C) Blinker (C) Binoculars (C) Goblin Mask  (C) Green Feeler (C) Orc Helm (C) Headset (C) Jewel Crown (C) Joker Jester (C) Oxygen Mask (C) Gas Mask (C) Machoman Glasses (C) Grand Circlet (C) Puppy Love (C) Safety Helmet (C) Indian Fillet (C) Antenna (C) Ph.D Hat (C) Lord Kaho Horns (C) Fin Helm

Achievement Gift Costumes

Costumes exchanged from Achievement Shop inside Underground Plaza.

Keep in consideration that they possess distinct Enchanter NPCs.

(C) Pursuit System (C) Mecha Cat Ears (C) Cyber Comcast (C) Glorious Imperial Pauldron (C) Baby Deviling (C) Blood Butterfly Ears (C) Seraph Helm(C) Greater Dracul Horn (C) Royal Mantle (C) Many Planet

Achievement Costumes

Costumes received from completing Achievements. Check Achievement System ingame for details.

(C) Lunatic Hat (C) Butterfly Wing Ears (C) Hermoz Cap (C) Poring Hat (C) Cute Frog Hat (C) Yoyo Hat (C) Mandragora Hat (C) Flight Cap (C) Wolf King Helmet (C) Desert Wolf Hat (C) Pecopeco Cap (C) Smokie Muffler (C) Jack Castle Bat (C) Thief Bandana (C) Black Cat (C) Spore Hat (C) Bear Hat (C) Drooping Argiope (C) Poporing Hat (C) Poker Face (C) Surprised Mask (C) Annoyed Mask (C) Goblin Leader Mask (C) Golden Savage Babe Hat (C) Adventurer Hat (C) Nose Glasses (C) Pirate King Cap (C) Books of Magic  (C) Tiger

(C) Stardust Hairband (C) Jormungandr Hat (C) Turtle Hat (C) Orc Hero Helmet (C) Large Orc Hero Helmet (C) Dragon Turtle Hat (C) Snake Hat (C) Whisper Tall Hat (C) Shibainu Hat (C) Gryphon Hairband (C) Dragon Claw Helm (C) Dark Randgris Helm (C) Khalitzburg Helm (C) Ridewood Hat (C) Rideword Hat (C) Celetial Dark Flame (C) Angel Mini Silk Hat (C) Incubus Horn (C) White Abyss Helm (C) Geographer Headband (C) Skull Cap (C) Mad Hatter (C) Gothic Skull Ribbon (C) Devil Scarf (C) Angel Scarf (C) Golden Angelic Scarf