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Limit MMO is a free private mmorpg community for different people to discuss about games!

Probably the best and most balanced Super High Rate with PK.

Server Config


Base EXP 15000x
Job EXP 15000x
MvP EXP 15000x
Quest EXP 15000x
Drop Rate 1500x
MvP Card Drop 1500x
Fiding Ore Rate 1500x
Card-granted Item Drops 1500x
Party Share Level 50
MvP Card in GvG / BG Disabled



Anti Cheat Gepard 3.0
Client Version 2021
Hairstyle 32
Colors Unlimited
View Range 17 cells
WoE Damage Hidden
Emblem edit during WoE Disabled
Zoom Official +30%
Char Del Pass Account Email
Storage Search Case Insenstive
Loading Fade Removed
Max Client 1
Map Quality 32 bit
Sound Quality 44.1hz



Pet Auto Feed 30%
Pet Rename Unlimited
Pet Friendly Rate 10x
Pet Disabled in GvG Yes
Pet Catch Rate 5x
Homunculus Friendly Rate 10x
Homunculus Rename Unlimited
Vending Tax 0%
Item Gender Check Enabled
Item Global Reuse Delay 300ms
Skill Global Resuse Delay 150ms
Autotrade Map Treasury Cellar
Autotrade Timeout 7 Days
KS Protection 10000ms
Party Even Share Bonus 50%
Party Idle No Share 600s
Max Steal Tries 3
Instance Reseter Yes
PK Enable Level 99


Monster AI

When enabled mobs will update their target cell every few iterations

 (normally they never update their target cell until they reach it while chasing)


Makes mob use their "rude attack" skill (usually warping away) if they are attacked and they can't attack back regardless of how they were attacked (eg: GrimTooth), otherwise, their rude attack" is only activated if they can't melee reach the target (eg: sniping)

When set, a mob will pick a random skill from it's list and start from that instead of checking skills in orders (when unset, if a mob has too many skills, the ones near the end will rarely get selected) Yes

When set, a mob's skill re-use delay will not be applied to all entries of the same skill, instead, only to that particular entry (eg: Mob has heal on six lines in the mob_skill_db, only the entry that is actually used will receive the delay).

This will make monsters harder, especially MvPs.

When set, monsters that are provoked will always change target to the provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack. Yes 



Quality of Life
@go Teleports you to any listed destinations.
@storage Opens up the storage.
@autoloot Auto loots all monster drops.
@alootid Auto loots certain item ID.
@alootid2 Allows you to setup more lists of items.
@autoloottype Auto loots certain item Type.
@autotrade Put a vendor into Offline vending, works in Vending Cellar only.
@noks Activates no KS mode.
@noask Activates no trade/invites mode.
@refresh Refreshes your game screen.
@joinpvp Join PvP map.
@joingvg Join GvG map.
@joinbg Join BG queue.
@feelreset Resets your Taekwon Feelings.
@hatereset Resets your Taekwon Hatred.
@hold Hold On/Off is a command to make your character stop moving.


@commands Display a list of all available commands.
@rates Displays server rates.
@time Displays server time.
@who2 Check who's online.
@hominfo Shows homunculus info.
@homstats Shows homunculus stats.
@mobinfo / @mi Search for mob name or mob ID for more details.
@iteminfo / @ii Search for item name or item ID for more details.
@itemsearch Allows your to search Item Descriptions by it's item ID, ingame.
@whereis Find where a certain monster ID is spawned.
@whodrops Find which monster drops a certain item ID.
@battlestats Displays a detailed list of your character bonus.
@battleskills Use it on a skill ID to see more details.
@townpoint Check next Town point giveaway time.
@whosell To check who is selling what items, also offers warp to the vendor.
@whobuy To check who is buying what items, also offers warp to the vendor.
@users To see which how many players on which maps.
@autopot To auto use Potion ID when under certain HP/SP. Example @autopot hp 512 99
@identifyall Identify all items.
@duel Duel someone.
@invite Invite someone to dual.
@who List of who is online.
@font Change font style between 1-9
@me Make yourself say your message.
@pettalk Make your pet say your message.


!ping Checks your ping.
!vsync Enable/disable vsync.
@lgp Enables/Disables LGP.
@square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@circle Displays circle around the character.
@aoes Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.
@shake Enables/Disables "shake" effect

Proxy Connections

We have very advanced infrastructure of the server that allows us to build stable Proxy servers globally.

We cover all major parts of the world, wether you are from SEA, or South America or Europe, you will play with very low ping in our server.

Available Proxy Server Locations:

NA West Coast
NA East Coast
Singapore 1
Singapore 2
Sao Paulo (BR)
Amsterdam (EU)

To test your ping ingame, simply type !ping ~