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An Imperial Guard or palace guard is a special group of troops (or a member thereof) of an Empire, typically closely associated directly with the Emperor or Empress

Usually these troops embody a more elite status than other imperial forces, including the regular armed forces, and maintain special rights, privileges and traditions.

Basic Info

Status Bonus

Trait Bonus

STR = 9
AGI = 3
VIT = 9
INT = 10
DEX = 9
LUK = 3

POW = 6
STA = 9
WIS = 5
SPL = 7
CON = 3
CRT = 3

Job Tree

Basic 1st 2nd Transcendent 3rd 4th
Novice Swordman Crusader Paladin Royal Guard Imperial Guard
Base Level 99 Base Level 99 Base Level 99 Base Level 99 Base Level 200 Base Level 250
Job Level 10 Job Level 50 Job Level 50 Job Level 70 Job Level 70 Job Level 50

Player Guides


1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills. (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.
First Aid.png First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Sword Mastery.png Sword Mastery 10 Passive Increase One-Handed Sword and Dagger class weapons damage.
Two-Handed Sword Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery 10 Passive Increase Two-Handed Sword class weapons damage.
Increase HP Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery 10 Passive Enchances HP Regen.
Bash.png Bash 10 Offensive Hits an enemy with crushing force. if Fatal Blow skill is learned, Bash will have an added Stun effect at level 6 and higher.
Magnum Break.png Magnum Break 10 Offensive Use 30 SP to inflict Fire elemental damage on 5x5 AoE around the caster and push them 2 cell backwards.
Provoke.png Provoke 10 Supportive Enrages a target to decrease its physical defense while increasing its physical attack strength.
Endure.png Endure 10 Supportive Enables attacking and moving while receiving damage.
Berserk.png Auto Berserk 1 Passive Empowered by rage, character enter condition that is equivalent to level 10 Provoke status when HP is reduced to less than 25% of MaxHP. Provoked status last until character HP is restored to more than 25% of MaxHP or if Provoke effect is nullified.
Fatal Blow.png Fatal Blow 1 Passive Causes stun status on targeted enemy when using Level 6 Bash or higher. 
Fatal Blow.png Moving HP Recovery 1 Passive Enables natural recovery of HP while moving.


2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Cavalier Mastery.png Cavalry Mastery 5 Passive Reduces the 50% ASPD penalty when riding a PecoPeco.
RTENOTITLE Cure 1 Supportive Cures the target from Silence, Chaos and Blind status effects.
RTENOTITLE Defending Aura 5 Supportive Reduce incoming ranged damage; protects party members via Sacrifice.
RTENOTITLE Demon Bane 10 Passive Increases attack against against Demons and Undead monsters by up to 30.
RTENOTITLE Divine Protection 10 Passive Increases VIT defense against Demons and Undead monsters by up to 30.
RTENOTITLE Faith 10 Passive Increases Max HP and resistance to Holy-property attacks.
RTENOTITLE Grand Cross 10 Offensive Summons a Grand Cross around the caster, damaging all enemies around the caster in a cross with Holy property hybrid damage.
RTENOTITLE Auto Guard 10 Supportive Blocks physical attacks with a Shield by chance for 300 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Heal 10 Supportive Restore a target's HP, or damage Undead targets.
RTENOTITLE Holy Cross 10 Offensive Summon a holy cross that inflicts Holy damage on a target, blinding it by chance.
RTENOTITLE Riding 1 Passive Enables Knights or Crusaders to ride a Peco Peco.
RTENOTITLE Providence (Resistant Souls) 5 Supportive Temporarily increase resistance against Demon race and Holy property attacks.
RTENOTITLE Devotion 5 Supportive Protects a party member by taking all of the damage inflicted on said party member.
RTENOTITLE Shield Boomerang 5 Offensive Throw your shield at an enemy, dealing damage based on ATK and the shield's properties.
RTENOTITLE Shield Reflect 10 Supportive Reflect a fraction of the damage received back at an enemy.
RTENOTITLE Shield Charge (Smite) 5 Offensive Hurl your shield at an enemy, dealing damage based on ATK and knocking them back.    
RTENOTITLE Spear Mastery 10 Passive Adds +4 ATK (+5 while on a PecoPeco) per skill level to Spear weapons.
RTENOTITLE Spear Quicken 10 Suportive Temporarily increase Attack Speed, CRIT, and FLEE when using a Spear.
RTENOTITLE Gospel (Battle Chant) 10 Suportive Begins a chant that inflicts a random status ailment on enemies within range, while also endowing party members with random buffs.
RTENOTITLE Pressure (Gloria Domini) 5 Offensive Crush a target with a huge cross from the sky, dealing Holy property magic damage.
RTENOTITLE Sacrifice (Martyr's Reckoning) 5 Offensive Sacrifices the user's HP in order to deal great damage onto a target.
RTENOTITLE Shield Chain (Rapid Smiting) 5 Offensive Hurls the user's shield at a target, striking five times.


3rd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Moon Slasher 5 Offensive Damages surrounding enemies and forces them to sit.
RTENOTITLE Exceed Break 5 Offensive Gather all of your strength into the tip of your weapon and strike once for great damage.
RTENOTITLE Cannon Spear 5 Offensive Attack all enemies in a 3 cell radius of an 11 cell line from the caster.
RTENOTITLE Banishing Point 10 Offensive Attack an enemy within seven cells of the caster.
RTENOTITLE Pinpoint Attack 5 Offensive Rush against and strike a target's vital spot for a chance to break their armor or inflict a negative effect.
RTENOTITLE Overbrand 5 Offensive Brand all enemies six cells in front of the caster with a bloody cross and smash them into obstacles for large damage.
RTENOTITLE Vanguard Force 5 Supportive Increases the caster's defense, Max HP, and number of wrath counters when receiving damage.
RTENOTITLE Burst Attack 1 Offensive Release all wrath counters onto a single enemy to deal damage.
RTENOTITLE Banding 5 Supportive Increases Atk and Def, and shares HP with any partied Royal Guards in range with the skill activated.
RTENOTITLE Trample 3 Supportive Tramples the ground to attempt to destroy any traps surrounding the user.
RTENOTITLE Prestige 5 Supportive Increases defense rate and gives a chance to avoid magic attacks for a short while.
RTENOTITLE Hesperus Lit 5 Offensive Royal Guards under the effect of Banding or Inspiration strike an enemy for large damage.
RTENOTITLE Piety 5 Supportive Blesses surrounding party members' armor in a 3*3 area with the Holy element.
RTENOTITLE Genesis Ray 10 Offensive Cast a powerful Holy element ray dealing 200%~2000% Matk as Holy property magic damage, while consuming 3%~15% HP. Chance of causing blind status to Demon or Undead monsters.
RTENOTITLE Reflect Damage 5 Supportive Reflects physical damage received to surrounding enemies.
RTENOTITLE Earth Drive 5 Offensive Slams the ground with your shield to deal Earth property damage to surrounding enemies, reducing their Def.
RTENOTITLE Shield Spell 3 Supportive Casts random magic based on the shield of the caster.
RTENOTITLE Inspiration 5 Supportive Increases accuracy, stats, ATK, Max HP, then remove, and protect against, negative status effects for the duration of the skill.
RTENOTITLE Shield Press 10 Offensive Slams your shield into the enemy dealing 200%~2000% Atk. Damage is increased by the Shield's Weight, Refine Level, and the Caster's Base Level, STR, and VIT
RTENOTITLE King's Grace 5 Supportive Bestow royal blessings to the caster and allies around the caster to recover HP and protect against status effects and damage.
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle 5 Supportive Increase stats.


4th Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Spear & Sword Mastery 5 Offensive Increases hit and damage of imperial guard related to skills when equipped One-handed sword, One-handed spear and Two-handed Spear.
RTENOTITLE Attack Stance 5 Offensive Increases the physical attack of your equipment, but lowers the physical defense of your equipment instead.
RTENOTITLE Overslash 5 Offensive Can only be used in Attack Stance. Inflicts melee physical damage to a target and nearby targets within 7x7 cells. The number of attacks increases based on the number of targets within range. The damage further increases based on the casters Base Level and POW.
RTENOTITLE Shield Shooting 10 Offensive Can only be used in Attack Stance Throws your shield to a target to inflict ranged physical damage. The caster gains the effect to increase the damage of Shield Chain, Shield Press, and Earth Drive. The damage further increases based on the caster's Based Level and POW.
RTENOTITLE Grand Judgement 5 Offensive Can only be used in Attack Stance Inflicts ranged in physical damage to a target and nearby targets within 7x7 cells The caster gains the effect to increase the damage of  Banishing Point and Cannon Spear for 300 seconds. Increase more damage in Plant and Ins
RTENOTITLE Shield Mastery 10 Passive Increases physical defense and damage of the caster.
RTENOTITLE Guard Stance 5 Supportive Increases the physical defense of your equipment, but lowers the attack power.
RTENOTITLE Cross Rain 10 Offensive Summons a sacred area on a cell that inflicts Holy elemental magic damage every 0.3 secs and for 4.5 secs. The damage is increased if you have Holy Shield effect increase based on caster-based level and SPL and learned Spear & Sword Mastery.
RTENOTITLE Rebound Shield 5 Supportive Can only be used when using Devotion and Guard Stance decreases damage received through devotion effect for 60 secs.
RTENOTITLE Guardian Shield 5 Supportive Gives a physical shield proportional to your HP. The skill lasts for 60 seconds for yourself and party members.
RTENOTITLE Holy Shield 5 Supportive Decreases damage taken from shadow and undead elemental attacks and increase holy magic damage.
RTENOTITLE Ultimate Sacrifice 5 Supportive Can only be used in Guard Stance. Consumes all of your remaining HP, leaving 1, to nearby party members will resurrected.
RTENOTITLE Judgement Cross 10 Offensive Holy magical damage to the targets This skills additional damage against Plant and Insect race monster The damage further increases based on the caster Based level and SPL.