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An eventful server with ingame events every hour.

Many variations of event games for you to enjoy.

A vast amount of costume available exclusive for event participants to obtain!

Hourly Events

Event Genie

Prontera 164/124

Event Genie is the host of ingame event, every hour there is a new event.

Winning the events gives rewards of 43006.pngEvent Coin

  • NPC wil disguise into random monster
  • The fastest person typing out the correct name wins the round
  • Total 10 rounds, each round rewards
Tarot Reading
  • A luck based event where you gamle using 1 43006.pngEvent Coin to gain more.
  • 10% chance to win up to 10 43006.pngEvent Coin
Rescue Mission
  • Join the task force on a rescue mission in Morocc, Payon or Geffen.
  • When entering the map, pick up Med kits on the floor and find the bodies around.
  • Heal the bodies and bring them back to the base.
  • Each success rescue gives 5x 43006.pngEvent Coin
Tag Race
  • Very competitive event of racing, so speed matters a lot.
  • Avoid the Tagging monsters to not get eliminated.
  • Only 1 winner of the whole race
  • Winner gets 43006.pngEvent Coin depends on how many participants.
  • A luck based event where you have to choose which Dice between 1 - 4.
  • Entering correct number section to pass the round.
  • All who passes all rounds wins.
  • Reward is 5x 43006.pngEvent Coin
Poring Hunter
  • A map full of monster of Poring family.
  • You have to eliminate the REAL ones, example: Marin that looks and is named Marin.
  • Each correct elimination gives 10x 43006.pngEvent Coin
World Boss

Event Daily Task

Event Daily Task

Prontera 164/124

Everyday you can take this task and participate in one of the events.

Rewards 5x 43006.pngEvent Coin

Event Shops

Shop Name Content Event Lottery

Event Shop

Use 43006.pngEvent Coin to purchase items.

You can also participate the Event Lottery for 1 coin.

Seasonal Events

Event Name Period Rare Rewards

Nifhleim Festival

2021.10.23 to 2021.11.11

Autumn Harvest Festival

2021.09.07 to 2021.10.07

Popcorn Festa

2021.06.10 to 2021.06.28
Melon Harvest Event 2021.05.11 to 2021.05.25
Sakura Cherry Blossom Event 2021.04.23 to 2021.05.10
Happy Egg Festival 2021.03.26 to 2021.04.08
Level 250 Reward 2021.03.26 to 2021.12.31