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    Cool Features

    4th Job

    We like to discuss topics with complete functional Renewal system and latest official 4th job support.

    Service Center

    Looking for Stylist? Perhaps wanting to change job, reset stats or skills? Inside Service Center, you can find tons of helpful NPCs!

    Limit Group

    Our exclusive renovated HQ the Limit Group to help new adventurers with guidance, also comes with an unique Market.

    Vending Cellar

    The ultimate underground trading place in Prontera, where members can setup vends and make trades with each other or NPCs.

    Hourly Events

    Every hour, the Event Genie will host unique ingame event for members to participate. Each event gives event coins as reward.

    New Client

    A very modern client supporting all new effects, better performance and custom AI. Giving you latest MMO sensation.

    Limitless Island

    An exclusive PvM feature for end game members. An island full of mysteries, dungeons, quests and epic items to be collected!

    Fishing Adventure

    A full fledged Fishing Adventure awaits. Seek the Legendary Sea King and help the little girl whos on her dying bed...

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