Vending Cellar

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Vending Cellar is our merchant Vending Map.

The cellar decorated with treasures and gold coins has fixed white brick patterns for players to open up their shops on.

There are 3 floors available with estimated 200+ vending spots every floor.


  • Vending Cellar is located in Prontera.
  • You can quick access Vending Cellar using @go command.

Vending Cellar

Vending Cellar Manager

Treasury Cellar Manager

The manager gives a little introduction to @autotrade and few rules when it comes to vending inside the Vending Cellar.

Rules such as, do not overlap existing vends, do not setup fake shops to reserve spots.

The manager allows you to select Floor 1, Floor 2 or Floor 3.

To Leave the map, talk to the manager.

Vending Search Board

Vending Search Board

When there are hundreds of Vendors, it will be difficults to find the desired item.

By using Vending Search Board, it allows players to quickly find what they are looking for.

Silver Search = 1000 zeny (Double click on the results will display mark on minimap.)

Golden Search = 5000 zeny (Double click on the results will open up the vending directly.)

Search for Vends

Sell = Search for what is for sell.

Buy = Search for the items that others wants to buy.

Item = Type in the item name (Case Sensitive), example: Apple or Cotton Shirt

Card = Prefix name of the card.

Zeny = Cost range from min to max.

Include all related items = mark this to search every name with "Apple" or "Cotton Shirt", the results may be too much. Not recommended to use.

NPC Shops

Tool Dealer

Tools gathered from all around the Midgard.

Supply Dealer

Selling supplies gathered from all around Midgard.

Material Dealer

Selling materials from alla round Midgard.


Food Dealer

Selling food items from all around Midgard.