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In association with Limit Group, this Service Center is created to give support and services for adventurers.

You can find many different important features inside this place.


Limit Service Center


Coords: 170/94

Service NPCs


Egg Scroll Grab Machine

  • Grab a random Egg Scroll for 5m zeny.


Styling Shop

Accepts Zeny, 43000.pngCostume Change Ticket, 43001.pngClothing Dye Coupon_

43002.pngHairstyle Ticket I43003.pngHairstyle Ticket II43004.pngHairstyle Ticket III

43005.pngClassic Hat Ticket

  • Offers 32 hairstyle changes3
  • 8 Hair colors
  • 700 Cloth colors
  • 100 different classic costume hats
  • 3rd job alternative dress

Great Stylist

Great Stylist

Costume Preview

Costume Preview

  • Type in item ID of costume hat or other costume equipment to display.

Coin Bank

Coin Bank

Exchange zeny into zeny coins.


Skills & Stats Reseter

This NPC can reset your skills, stats and traits for zeny.

  • Skill Reset
  • Stats / Traits Reset
  • Under level 200 = free
  • Fee: 500000 zeny * Use per time.
  • Every Saturday, you can reset your Fee count to 0.
  • Homunculus Stats Shuffle service.


Card Remover

This NPC can remove the any card from equipment.

  • 60% success rate = 300000z
  • 100% success = 100000z + 5x 25399.pngGelstar 


Job Changer

He can change your job from 2nd up to 4th.

  • Free 2nd job changer
    • A weapon
  • 3rd job changer
    • Gives 3rd job hats
  • 4th job changer


Platinum Skills

Umiro can give you the Quest skills without doing the quests.

  • Obtain all your quest skills for 20000z


Ore Exchange

An ore shop to exchange lower ores to quality ores.

Resting Cat

Consume EXP Manual Exchange

Resting Cat can exchange regular items into improved version.