PvP Arenas

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PvP here stands for Popcorn vs Popcorn

Were inside PvP rooms, you can say what ever you want without being afraid of being punished.


PvP Arena

prontera 118/82

  • [Event] Arena
  • Arunafeltz
  • Maroll
  • Nidhoggur
  • Charleston

GvG Arena

prontera 118/84

  • Ascension
  • Oriental
  • Morocc
  • Basement
  • Tombstone

Arena Match

PvP Arena

Every 4 hours at minute 00, you can join the Arena Match.

Talk to PvP Arena NPC or @joinpvp in Prontera and enter the [Event] Arena.

Each player kill drops 1x 44150.pngPlayer Skull

Entrance Fee: 1m zeny.

Death Match

Sir Death

prontera 165/105

Every 2 hours at minute 35, you can join Death Match.

Talk to Sir Death in Prontera near Limit Service Cetner to participate.

Each player kill drops 5x 44150.pngPlayer Skull

Entrance fee: 10m zeny

Weekly Ranking

  • View ranking page or ingame 
  • Participate in Arena Match or Death Match to gain PvP Points.
  • Ranking resets every Monday, and rewards will be sent to Top ranked's RODEX.
1st 20x 44150.pngPlayer Skull
2nd 20x 44150.pngPlayer Skull
3rd 20x 44150.pngPlayer Skull
4th 20x 44150.pngPlayer Skull
5th 20x 44150.pngPlayer Skull