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The ultimate End Game, only true gamers will step into.

If you are not a PvP player, don't read this page.

PK Eco available Maps: WoE Maps, BG Maps and Chaos Dragon Map.



Gony PK Manager


Prontera 169/87

  • Every Player enters PK Eco when reaching level 250.
  • You receive 1000 PK Eco as starter.
  • If you kill someone, you gain +1 PK Eco, the victim -1 PK Eco.
  • If you kill someone with 10 PK Eco lower than you, you get nothing.
  • If you kill someone with higher PK Eco than you, you get +2 PK Eco, and victim -2 PK Eco.
  • Every Sunday 14:10, rewards will be sent to RODEX.
Gony's Equipment Shop Item List Requirements

101314.pngHelm of Faith Box

470122.pngBeast's Leather Shoes [1]

480174.pngPirate Captain's Coat [1]

450217.pngPhreeoni Wing Suit [1]

410092.pngCor Core Booster [1]

410094.pngSealed Chain [1]

420076.pngBondage Necklace

490159.pngRough Core [1]

480136.pngMagic Swordsman Thanatos's Sword [1]


Varmund's Equipment Shop

450201.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Armor [1]

450200.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Armor [1]

450203.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Armor [1]

450202.pngVarmundt Death Rune Robe [1]

480145.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Manteau [1]

480146.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Manteau [1]

480148.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Manteau [1]

480147.pngVarmundt Death Rune Manteau [1]

470108.pngVarmundt Glade Rune Boots [1]

470109.pngVarmundt Fire Rune Boots [1]

470111.pngVarmundt Ice Rune Boots [1]

470110.pngVarmundt Death Rune Boots [1]

Varmund's Reform Equipment Shop

450243.pngRune Armor of Plain [1]

450234.pngRune Armor of Flame [1]

450244.pngRune Armor of Ice [1]

450245.pngRune Robe of Death [1]

480231.pngRune Manteau of Plain [1]

 480230.pngRune Manteau of Flame [1]

480232.pngRune Manteau of Ice [1]

480233.pngRune Manteau of Death [1]

470174.pngRune Boots of Plain [1]

470173.pngRune Boots of Flame [1]

470175.pngRune Boots of Ice [1]

470176.pngRune Boots of Death [1]

Basement  Weapon Shop Item List Requirements

21063.pngSolid Claymore [2]

640031.pngSolid Staff [2]

540041.pngSolid Manual [2]

530023.pngSolid Spear [2]

550054.pngSolid Wand [2]

510050.pngSolid Dagger [2]

500044.pngSolid Edge [2]

550055.pngSolid Rod [2]

610035.pngWicked Katar [2]

590036.pngWicked Cross [2]

510051.pngWicked Dagger [2]

500045.pngWicked Blade [2]

620016.pngWicked Axe [2]

 540042.pngWicked Book [2]

550056.pngWicked Plant [2]

510052.pngWicked Edge [2]

570028.pngPrecision Lute [2]

580028.pngPrecision Whip [2]

700050.pngPrecision Bow [2]

800009.pngPrecision Pistol [2]

810005.pngPrecision Piercer [2]

820004.pngPrecision Shatter [2]

830008.pngPrecision Splatter [2]

840004.pngPrecision Bomber [2]

650019.pngPrecision Slasher [2]


Prontera 166/89

  • It requires both a battle badge, prestige badge, red skull, and Chicken dinner to craft a piece of equipment.
Juncea PK'S  Equipment Shop  Item List Requirements

450206.pngSnowflower Armor [1]

450207.pngSnowflower Robe [1]

480159.pngSnowflower Manteau [1]

480160.pngSnowflower Muffler [1]

470115.pngSnowflower Boots [1]

470116.pngSnowflower Shoes [1]

490176.pngSnowflower Pendant [1]

490177.pngSnowflower Ring [1]

490178.pngSnowflower Necklace [1]

490179.pngSnowflower Earring [1]


Juncea PK'S  Weapon Shop v1 Item List Requirements

600027.pngGlacier Two-Handed Sword

630018.pngGlacier Lance

500050.pngGlacier Basic Sword

530025.pngGlacier Spear

620017.pngGlacier Two-Handed Axe

520017.pngGlacier Axe

590038.pngGlacier Mace

590039.pngGlacier Mechanic Mace

510061.pngGlacier Rogue Knife

510062.pngGlacier Basic Knife

700052.pngGlacier Bow

560032.pngGlacier Knuckle

540049.pngGlacier Book

610037.pngGlacier Katar

570029.pngGlacier Violin

580030.pngGlacier Whip

550069.pngGlacier Wand

640033.pngGlacier Staff

550070.pngGlacier Foxtail Staff

650025.pngGlacier Huuma

800014.pngGlacier Revolver

810010.pngGlacier Rifle

820008.pngGlacier Shotgun

830013.pngGlacier Gatling

840009.pngGlacier Launcher

Juncea PK'S  Weapon Shop v2 Item List Requirements

520021.pngDim Glacier Axe [1]

510076.pngDim Glacier Basic Knife [1]

500055.pngDim Glacier Basic Sword [1]

540056.pngDim Glacier Book [1]

700059.pngDim Glacier Bow [1]

550090.pngDim Glacier Foxtail [1]

830015.pngDim Glacier Gatling Gun [1]

840010.pngDim Glacier Grenade Launcher [1]

650028.pngDim Glacier Huuma Shuriken [1]

610041.pngDim Glacier Katar [1]

560037.pngDim Glacier Knuckle [1]

630019.pngDim Glacier Lance [1]

590047.pngDim Glacier Mace [1]

620019.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Axe [1]

590048.pngDim Glacier Mechanic Mace [1]

800015.pngDim Glacier Pistol [1]

810015.pngDim Glacier Rifle [1]

510075.pngDim Glacier Rogue Knife [1]

820011.pngDim Glacier Shotgun [1]

530034.pngDim Glacier Spear [1]

640034.pngDim Glacier Staff [1]

500054.pngDim Glacier Sword [1]

600030.pngDim Glacier Two-handed Sword [1]

570032.pngDim Glacier Violin [1]

550089.pngDim Glacier Wand [1]

580033.pngDim Glacier Whip [1]


Chaos Dragon Sealing

Schedules Details

Every day at server time Every 3 Hours at minute 15.

00:15, 03:15, 06:15, 09:15, 12:15,

15:15, 18:15, 21:15

  • An unique feature to seal away the Chaos Dragon.
  • Everyone can participate as long it's level 250.
  • Simply deal as much damage as you can to Chaos Dragon during 15 minutes.
  • Top 100 Ranked players will receive Rewards.
  • (Kill others not prevent them from gaining more damage points.)

Reward Table

Treasure Hunting

- Coming Soon -