Mysterious Combinations

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All the following scrolls are coming randomly from 23817.pngMysterious Combination Scroll Bundle.

When obtaining a scroll, you need to have all the materials needed in inventory to summon out the target item.

You can buy the combination scrolls from Hwaran Shop inside Limit Market.


Headgear Combination Scrolls

Scroll Name Reward Materials
23818.pngGiant Orc Helm Combination SynthesisBox 5375.pngOrc Hero Headdress
23819.pngCrimson Rose SynthesisBox 5548.pngScarlet Rose
23820.pngGrand Peco Hairband SynthesisBox 5476.pngGrand Peco Hairband
23821.pngMoonflower Hair Hat SynthesisBox 5214.pngMoonlight Flower Hat
23822.pngWings of 8 Purgatories SynthesisBox 5936.png8Way Wings of Purgatory
23823.pngTare Neko Cru SynthesisBox 18528.pngDrooping Neko Crew
23824.pngGlory Soccer Ball Hat SynthesisBox 5859.pngGlory FB Hat
23825.pngWicket marching Hat SynthesisBox 18522.pngEvil Marcher Hat
23826.pngWandering Wolf Hat SynthesisBox 5498.pngWandering Wolf Helm
23832.pngAmistr Cap SynthesisBox 5766.pngAmistr Cap
23833.pngTiger King Doll Hat SynthesisBox 5497.pngKing Tiger Doll Hat
23834.pngBacsojin Doll SynthesisBox 5464.pngZaha Doll Hat
23836.pngGold Fish Head Hat SynthesisBox 19264.pngGold Fish Head Hat
23837.pngSurvival SynthesisBox

19267.pngSurvivor's Orb
19266.pngSurvivor's Circlet

23838.pngToy Sringe SynthesisBox 19240.pngToy Syringe
23839.pngIndigor Rear Ribbon SynthesisBox 19243.pngBlue Rear Ribbon
23840.pngMagical Booster SynthesisBox 19241.pngMagical Booster
23841.pngRosario's Necklace SynthesisBox 19244.pngRosario Necklace
23842.pngSpirit Crown SynthesisBox 19177.pngElemental Crown
23843.pngGuard's Cap SynthesisBox 18878.pngPalace Guard Cap
23844.pngBandit's Hood SynthesisBox 5944.pngThief Bandana
23845.pngAngel's Blessing SynthesisBox 19031.pngFallen Angel Blessing
23846.pngRabbit Magic Hat SynthesisBox 19179.pngMagic Rabit Hat
23847.pngAnubis Helm SynthesisBox 19180.pngAnubis Helm
23848.pngImp Hat SynthesisBox 5658.pngImp Hat
23849.pngRed Marching Hat SynthesisBox 5654.pngHoly Marching Hat
23850.pngIfrit Mask SynthesisBox 5420.pngMask Of Ifrit
23851.pngIncarnation Of Morocc Doll SynthesisBox 5671.pngDrooping Morocc Minion
23852.pngSamambaia SynthesisBox 5511.pngSamambaia
23853.pngChick Hat SynthesisBox 19129.pngChick Hat
23865.pngSmokie's Transformation Leaf SynthesisBox 19265.pngSmokey's Transformation Leaf
23866.pngIfrit's Ear SynthesisBox 19128.pngEars Of Ifrit
23867.pngHeartwing Band SynthesisBox 18563.pngHeart Wing Hairband
23868.pngSigrun's Wings SynthesisBox 5592.pngSigrun's Wings
23869.pngCat Headdress SynthesisBox 19242.pngCostume Neko Headress
23870.pngNoble Mask SynthesisBox 5985.pngNoble Mask
23879.pngSpell Circuit SynthesisBox 19249.pngSpell Circuit
23880.pngNew Wave Sunglasses SynthesisBox 18813.pngNew Wave Sunglasses
23881.pngGiant Snake Breath SynthesisBox 19268.pngGigant Snake's Breath
23882.pngJudge Hat SynthesisBox 18572.pngKorean Judge Hat
23883.pngDog Officer SynthesisBox 19300.pngDog Officer
23884.pngFancy Feather Hat SynthesisBox 19296.pngClassical Feather Hat
23885.pngAmistr Beret SynthesisBox 19308.pngAmistr Beret
23886.pngGeneral Helm SynthesisBox 19263.pngGeneral's Helm
23894.pngWickebine's Black Cat's Ear SynthesisBox 19134.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears

Costume Garment Combination Scrolls

Scroll Name Reward Materials
23835.pngCandy Pouch Bag SynthesisBox

20842.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Physical)

20843.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Range)

20844.pngCandy Pouch Bag (Magic)

23864.pngArchangel's Wings SynthesisBox 2573.pngArchangel Wings
23876.pngFallen Angel Wings SynthesisBox 2589.pngFallen Angel Wing
23877.pngAdventurer's Backpack SynthesisBox 2576.pngAdventurer's Backpack

Unique Shield Combination Scrolls

Scroll Name Reward Materials
23863.pngMad Bunny SynthesisBox

28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny

28902.pngMad Bunny

23887.pngCursed Knight's Shield SynthesisBox 28942.pngCursed Knight's Shield

Shadow Equipment Combination Scrolls

Scroll Name Reward Materials
23827.pngStatus Shadow SynthesisBox

24034.pngLucky Shadow Weapon
24035.pngPower Shadow Earring
24036.pngIntelligent Shadow Pendant
24037.pngDexterous Shadow Armor
24038.pngVital Shadow Shoes
24039.pngAthletic Shadow Shield
24040.pngLucky Shadow Armor
24041.pngPower Shadow Pendant
24042.pngIntelligent Shadow Earring
24043.pngDexterous Shadow Weapon
24044.pngVital Shadow Shield
24045.pngAthletic Shadow Shoes

23828.pngElegant Shadow SynthesisBox

24363.pngElegant Shadow Weapon
24364.pngElegant Shadow Earring
24365.pngElegant Shadow Pendant

23829.pngTension Shadow SynthesisBox

24360.pngTension Shadow Weapon
24361.pngTension Shadow Earring
24362.pngTension Shadow Pendant

23830.pngRestore Shadow SynthesisBox

24368.pngRestore Shadow Earring
24369.pngRestore Shadow Pendant

23831.pngHealing Shadow SynthesisBox

24033.pngHealing Shadow Weapon
24366.pngHealing Shadow Shield
24367.pngHealing Shadow Shoes

23854.pngClass Shadow SynthesisBox

A random Job shadow gear

23855.pngSpell Shadow SynthesisBox

24111.pngSpellflow Shadow Shoes
24112.pngSpellflow Shadow Armor
24113.pngSpellflow Shadow Shield
24048.pngCaster Pendant (Shadow)
24109.pngCaster Shadow Earrings
24110.pngCaster Shadow Weapon
24240.pngCaster Shadow Shoes
24241.pngCaster Shadow Shield
24242.pngCaster Shadow Armor

23856.pngSize Shadow SynthesisBox

24072.pngLarge Shadow Armor
24073.pngMedium Shadow Armor
24074.pngSmall Shadow Armor
24075.pngLarge Shadow Weapon
24076.pngMedium Shadow Weapon
24077.pngSmall Shadow Weapon
24234.pngTitan Shadow Earring
24235.pngTitan Shadow Pendant
24236.pngBoned Shadow Earring
24237.pngBoned Shadow Pendant
24238.pngGigantic Shadow Earring
24239.pngGigantic Shadow Pendant

23857.pngRace Shadow SynthesisBox

24052.pngCranial Shield (Shadow)
24053.pngSafeguard Shield (Shadow)
24054.pngBrutal Shield (Shadow)
24055.pngGargantua Shield (Shadow)
24056.pngHomers Shield (Shadow)
24057.pngDragoon Shield (Shadow)
24058.pngSatanic Shield (Shadow)
24059.pngFlameguard Shield (Shadow)
24060.pngRequiem Shield (Shadow)
24061.pngCadi Shield (Shadow)
24062.pngBloody Shoes (Shadow)
24063.pngLiberation Shoes (Shadow)
24064.pngChemical Shoes (Shadow)
24065.pngClamorous Shoes (Shadow)
24066.pngInsecticide Shoes (Shadow)
24067.pngFisher Shoes (Shadow)
24068.pngSeraphim Shoes (Shadow)
24069.pngBeholder Shoes (Shadow)
24070.pngDivine Shoes (Shadow)
24071.pngDragoon Shoes (Shadow)

23858.pngStability Shadow SynthesisBox 24090.pngStability Shadow Shield
24091.pngHarrods Plaster Shadow Armor
24091.pngHarrods Plaster Shadow Shoes
24093.pngInsomnia Shadow Armor
24094.pngInsomnia Shadow Shoes
24095.pngPeerless Shadow Armor
24096.pngPeerless Shadow Shoes
24097.pngAndre Shadow Armor
24098.pngAndre Shadow Shoes
24099.pngUnfreezing Shadow Weapon
24100.pngUnfreezing Shadow Earring
24101.pngUnfreezing Shadow Pendant
24102.pngVitality Shadow Earring
24103.pngVitality Shadow Pendant
24104.pngNeutral Shadow Weapon
24105.pngNeutral Shadow Earring
24106.pngNeutral Shadow Pendant
24107.pngFrozen Curse Shadow Earring
24108.pngFrozen Curse Shadow Pendant
23859.pngSpecial Shadow SynthesisBox 24024.pngBreeze Armor (Shadow)
24025.pngChampion Shoes (Shadow)
24026.pngAthena Shield (Shadow)
24027.pngImmune Shadow Armor
24028.pngHard Shadow Armor
24029.pngAncient Shadow Armor
24030.pngCritital Shadow Armor
24031.pngKingbird's Shadow Weapon
24032.pngCritical Hit Shadow Weapon
24033.pngHealing Shadow Weapon
24046.pngResist Spell Power Pendant (Shadow)
24047.pngRapid Pendant (Shadow)
24048.pngCaster Pendant (Shadow)
24049.pngHard Earring (Shadow)
24050.pngWise Earring (Shadow)
24051.pngAthena Earring (Shadow)
24078.pngSpiritual Shadow Weapon
24079.pngSpiritual Shadow Earring
24080.pngSpiritual Shadow Pendant
24081.pngMalicious Shas Shadow Armor
24082.pngMalicious Shas Shadow Shoes
24083.pngMalicious Shas Shadow Shield
24152.pngSolid Shadow Weapon
24153.pngSolid Shadow Earring
24154.pngSolid Shadow Armor
24155.pngSolid Shadow Pendant
23860.pngPhysical Shadow SynthesisBox

24018.pngPhysical Earring (Shadow)
24019.pngPhysical Weapon (Shadow)
24020.pngPhysical Pendant (Shadow)

23861.pngMagical Shadow SynthesisBox

24021.pngMagical Earring (Shadow)
24022.pngMagical Weapon (Shadow)
24023.pngMagical Pencil (Shadow)

23862.pngEXP Shadow SynthesisBox

24208.pngExpert Shadow Shoes
24209.pngExpert Shadow Shield
24210.pngBeginner Shadow Shoes
24211.pngBeginner Shadow Shield
24212.pngRookie Shadow Shoes
24213.pngRookie Shadow Shield
24214.pngAdvanced Shadow Shoes
24215.pngAdvanced Shadow Shield

23871.pngGemstone Shadow SynthesisBox

24084.pngGemstone Shadow Armor
24085.pngGemstone Shadow Shoes
24086.pngGemstone Shadow Shield
24087.pngGemstone Shadow Weapon
24088.pngGemstone Shadow Earring
24089.pngGemstone Shadow Pendant

23872.pngBearers Shadow SynthesisBox

24180.pngBearer's Shadow Armor
24181.pngBearer's Shadow Shoes
24182.pngBearer's Shadow Shield
24183.pngBearer's Shadow Weapon
24184.pngBearer's Shadow Earring
24185.pngBearer's Shadow Pendant

23873.pngHasty Shadow SynthesisBox

24196.pngHasty Shadow Shoes
24197.pngHasty Shadow Armor

23874.pngCritical Shadow SynthesisBox

24030.pngCritital Shadow Armor
24332.pngCritical Shadow Shield
24333.pngCritical Shadow Shoes

23875.pngMortal Blow Shadow SynthesisBox

24370.pngMortal Blow Shadow Weapon
24371.pngMortal Blow Shadow Earring
24372.pngMortal Blow Shadow Pendant

23888.pngPenetration Shadow SynthesisBox

24373.pngPenetration Shadow Shoes
24374.pngPenetration Shadow Shield
24375.pngExecutioner Holy Water Shadow Armor
24376.pngExorcist Corrupted Shadow Armor
24377.pngVibration Dragon Killer Shadow Armor
24378.pngScissor Hunting Shadow Armor
24379.pngFishing Insect Net Shadow Armor
24166.pngPenetration Shadow Earring
24167.pngPenetration Shadow Pendant
24156.pngDemi-Human Shadow Weapon
24157.pngExorcist Shadow Weapon
24158.pngHunting Shadow Weapon
24159.pngInsect Shadow Weapon
24160.pngFishing Shadow Weapon
24161.pngDragon Killer Shadow Weapon
24162.pngAngelus Shadow Weapon
24163.pngFormless Shadow Weapon
24164.pngHoly Water Shadow Weapon
24165.pngPlant Shadow Weapon

23889.pngTempest Shadow SynthesisBox

24168.pngTempest Shadow Earring
24169.pngTempest Pendant Shadow
24170.pngMagic Demi-Human Shadow Weapon
24171.pngMagic Exorcist Shadow Weapon
24172.pngMagic Hunting Shadow Weapon
24173.pngMagic Insect Shadow Weapon
24174.pngMagic Fishing Shadow Weapon
24175.pngMagic Dragon Killer Shadow Weapon
24176.pngMagic Angelus Shadow Weapon
24177.pngMagic Formless Shadow Weapon
24178.pngMagic Holy Water Shadow Weapon
24179.pngMagic Caesars Shadow Weapon
24345.pngTempest Shadow Shield
24346.pngTempest Shadow Shoes
24347.pngMagic Executioner Holy Water Shadow Armor
24348.pngMagic Exorcist Corrupted Shadow Armor
24349.pngMagic Vibration Dragon Killer Shadow Armor
24350.pngMagic Scissor Hunting Shadow Armor
24351.pngMagic Fishing Insect Net Shadow Armor

23890.pngBlitz Shadow SynthesisBox

24217.pngBlitz Shadow Earring
24218.pngBlitz Shadow Pendant
24231.pngBlitz Shadow Shoes
24232.pngBlitz Shadow Shield
24343.pngBlitz Shadow Weapon
24344.pngBlitz Shadow Armor

23891.pngReload Shadow SynthesisBox

24243.pngReload Shadow Shoes
24244.pngReload Shadow Shield
24245.pngReload Shadow Armor

23892.pngForce and Spirit Shadow SynthesisBox

24223.pngEnhanced Force Shadow Weapon
24224.pngForce Shadow Weapon
24225.pngForce Shadow Earring
24226.pngForce Shadow Pendant
24227.pngEnhanced Soul Shadow Weapon
24228.pngSoul Shadow Weapon
24229.pngSoul Shadow Earring
24230.pngSoul Shadow Pendant

23893.pngInfinity Shadow SynthesisBox

24150.pngInfinity Shadow Earring
24151.pngInfinity Shadow Pendant

100151.pngSkill Shadow Weapon Combination Scroll

Random skill shadow.

100209.pngSkill Shadow Shield Recipe

Random skill shadow.

100210.pngSkill Shadow Pendant Recipe

Random skill shadow.

100211.pngSkill Shadow Earring Recipe

Random skill shadow.

100212.pngSkill Shadow Shoes Recipe

Random skill shadow.

100213.pngSkill Shadow Armor Recipe

Random skill shadow.