Limitless Island

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This island is created by a meoteor strike formed as a star, an end game place for adventurers to explore, with custom monsters, quests, and rewards.

New explorations are being made and progressively, new places will be found on this island.


Explorer Mirai
/navi prontera 146/125

The island is located on a remote unknown area, only Explorer Mirai knows the location, he can warp you to the island.

You can enter Limitless Island when you reach level 100+ for 100,000 zeny.

Underground Treasury

Access Description

Underground Treasury

Underground Treasury

  • Entrance Fee: 1000x 25399.pngGelstar
  • A place full of Gold Poring, Gold Savage and Little Goldring.
  • Estimate earning 500m to 1b zeny / hour.
  • Warning: The monsters can hit pretty hard.
  • SVIP 6 free entrance + double monsters.

Useful Stores

NPC Info Items Materials Needed

Gelstar Store

Gelstar Store

Mainly consum and lottery for Gelstars.

You can buy Egg Scrolls here.

40 - 80 25399.pngGelstar
You can buy Secret Boxes here. 10 - 20 25399.pngGelstar
41055.png(F) Life Potion I 25399.pngGelstar
41056.png(F) Life Potion II 25399.pngGelstar
41057.png(F) Life Potion III 25399.pngGelstar
41062.png(F) Frigg's ASPD Potion 25399.pngGelstar
41054.png(F) Skadi's Power Potion 25399.pngGelstar
41053.png(F) Freya's Infinity Potion 25399.pngGelstar
41061.png(F) Tyr's Blessing 25399.pngGelstar
41058.png(F) Mana Potion I 25399.pngGelstar
41059.png(F) Gunnar's Defence Scroll 25399.pngGelstar

James the Engineer

Can exchange Bullions, and repair memory chip.

7229.pngSilver Bullion
7228.pngGold Bullion
7230.pngPlatinum Bullion
44160.pngSealed Memory Chip

Mysterious Cactus

Has several OP items.

23154.pngCostume Exchange SynthesisBox

22829.pngSealed Card Album

23719.pngSealed Seal Card II
101074.pngSealed Seal Card III
28946.pngPurified Knight Shield [1]
19245.pngCrimson Booster [1]
490100.pngRed Force Pendant [1]
490101.pngBlue Mental Pendant [1]

Tamarin Collector

Tamarin Collector

14629.pngCostume Enchantment Stone Box
14681.pngCostume Enchantment Stone Box II
14695.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box III
22826.pngCostume Enchantment Stone Box 4
22868.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 5
22905.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 6
22953.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 7
23001.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 8
23058.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 9
23086.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 10
23174.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 11
23299.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 12
23524.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 13
23629.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 14
23682.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 15
23770.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 16
9510.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 17
100019.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 18
100052.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 19
100202.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 20
100314.pngCostume Enchant Stone Box 21
22827.pngShadow Cube
22529.pngShadow Exchange SynthesisBox
23151.pngEnchant Stone Recipe
22973.pngShadow Cube (Weapon)
22974.pngShadow Cube (Armor)
22975.pngShadow Cube(Shield)
22976.pngShadow Cube(Shoes)
22977.pngShadow Cube(Pendant)
22978.pngShadow Cube(Earring)

Episode Equipment Merchants

Unknown World Merchant

Exchange  Episode 14 equipment

for 10x 25399.pngGelstar.

Verus Merchant

Exchanges Episode 15 equipment.

15111.pngReinforced Parts - Plate [1] 666x 25399.pngGelstar
20733.pngReinforced Parts - Engine [1] 666x 25399.pngGelstar
22044.pngReinforced Parts - Booster [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
2996.pngReinforced Parts - Gun Barrel [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
15110.pngSupplement Part Str [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
20732.pngSupplement Part Con [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
22043.pngSupplement Part Agi [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
2995.pngSupplement Part Dex [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
16030.pngPile Bunker S [1] 50x 25399.pngGelstar
16031.pngPile Bunker P 50x 25399.pngGelstar
16032.pngPile Bunker T [1] 50x 25399.pngGelstar
20773.pngExcelion Wing 20x 25399.pngGelstar
15128.pngExcelion Suit 20x 25399.pngGelstar
18997.pngRunaway Chip [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
28326.pngBroken Chips 01 [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar
28327.pngBroken Chips 02 [1] 20x 25399.pngGelstar

Castle Guard Merchant

Exchange Episode 16 equipment.

28900.pngGuardsmen's Shield [1] 60x 25399.pngGelstar
15146.pngFlattery Robe [1] 150x 25399.pngGelstar
15147.pngInvective Robe [1] 150x 25399.pngGelstar
15163.pngAgenda Robe [1] 150x 25399.pngGelstar
15164.pngConsultation Robe [1] 150x 25399.pngGelstar
19115.pngRepublic Hat [1] 60x 25399.pngGelstar
28425.pngMercenary Ring Type A 60x 25399.pngGelstar
28426.pngMercenary Ring Type B 60x 25399.pngGelstar

Scientist Merchant

Exchange Episode 17.1 equipment for 100x 25399.pngGelstar, Episode 17.2 weapons for 500x, armors for 1000x. 1000104.pngMagical Soapstone for 10x.

Costume Headgear Merchants

NPC Info Costume Materials

Earl Mansion Souvenirs

Fancy costumes using materials from Earl Mansion.

941612.png(C) IA Choker
941930.png(C) Mike Stand
941678.png(C) Many Planet
941865.png(C) Nose Glasses
941943.png(C) Fancy Unicorn
941928.png(C) Magic Heir
941868.png(C) Durumagi
941820.png(C) Gothic Skull Ribbon
941831.png(C) Snack Party

950000.png(C) Atomic Energy(Black)
950001.png(C) Atomic Energy(Blue)
950002.png(C) Atomic Energy(Green)
950003.png(C) Atomic Energy(Gray)
950004.png(C) Atomic Energy(Orange)
950005.png(C) Atomic Energy(Pink)
950006.png(C) Atomic Energy(Purple)
950007.png(C) Atomic Energy(Red)
950008.png(C) Atomic Energy(White)
950009.png(C) Atomic Energy(Yellow)

950020.png(C) Electric Power(Black)
950021.png(C) Electric Power(Blue)
950022.png(C) Electric Power(Green)
950023.png(C) Electric Power(Orange)
950024.png(C) Electric Power(Pink)
950025.png(C) Electric Power(Purple)
950026.png(C) Electric Power(Red)
950027.png(C) Electric Power(Cyan)
950028.png(C) Electric Power(White)
950029.png(C) Electric Power(Yellow)

Crystal Keeper

Crystal Keeper collects samples obtained from monsters in the Deep Mines.

In return he rewards you with unique costume hats.

941945.png(C) One Eyed Jack
941942.png(C) Sinister Horns
941823.png(C) Red Blinking Eyes
942004.png(C) Smokie Muffler
941769.png(C) Zilant Necklace
941817.png(C) Heroic Scarf
941757.png(C) Fox
941762.png(C) Snow Fox

950010.png(C) Divine Essence(Black)
950011.png(C) Divine Essence(Blue)
950012.png(C) Divine Essence(Green)

950013.png(C) Divine Essence(Gray)
950014.png(C) Divine Essence(Orange)
950015.png(C) Divine Essence(Pink)
950016.png(C) Divine Essence(Purple)
950017.png(C) Divine Essence(Red)
950018.png(C) Divine Essence(White)
950019.png(C) Divine Essence(Yellow)
950030.png(C) Over Flowing(Black)
950031.png(C) Over Flowing(Blue)
950032.png(C) Over Flowing(Cyan)
950033.png(C) Over Flowing(Green)
950034.png(C) Over Flowing(Gray)
950035.png(C) Over Flowing(Orange)
950036.png(C) Over Flowing(Pink)
950037.png(C) Over Flowing(Purple)
950038.png(C) Over Flowing(Red)
950039.png(C) Over Flowing(White)
950040.png(C) Over Flowing(Yellow)

Merchant NPCs

NPC Info Item Info

Jingle Hellish Merchant