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A group that was formed to help new adventurers with quests, equipment and supplies.

The HQ is located in Prontera, but there are various ways to access.

To become a member of Limit Group, you need to graduate from Limit Academy in Izlude.


Limit Group HQ

Limit Group HQ

Prontera 188/85

Booster Gears

Limit Booster Gears
MEGA Booster Gears

Episode Skip Tickets

Lime Evenor

Talk to Lime Evenor at the bar.

  • You can join Limit Group if you haven't.
  • You can take Episode Skip tickets for Ep 13 to 16.2 for each character for free!

Limit Group Shop

Limit Group Shop

Talk to Limit Group Shop to buy some useful items.

25223.pngLimit Group Coin can also be sold for 10,000 zeny to NPC.

6484.pngEnchant Book 

(Used to enchant Upgrade equipment from Unity Merchant.)

100x 25223.pngLimit Group Coin
941531.png(C) Novice 9999x 25223.pngLimit Group Coin

Granma Training Ground


/navi paramk 119/79

Granma can take players under level 210, into Training Ground.

The Training ground has monsters that matches Limit Bulletin quests.

Tips: Take all Limit Bulletin quests, and complete all inside training ground and return, good EXP + Zeny.

Monsters in training ground also drops 25223.pngLimit Group Coin by 10%, higher level floor gives more.

Wave Mode Challange

Wave Mode Challange

/navi paramk 90/42

Wave Mode Challange is a leveling feature, recommended between level 150 to 200.

Limit Unity Level 1+

Manager Steffe

/navi paramk 108/74

Manager Steffe in charge of Limit Unity.


  1. Join or Leave Limit Unity by talking to Manager Steffe.
  2. Being part of Limit Unity gives you 25051.pngUnity Token when killing any monster.
  3. Use 25051.pngUnity Token in different features such as Invest in Reputation Managers, buy equipment from Unity Merchant or Ultra-low carbonated Sodas.

Reputation Manager


You can give the tokens to Reputation Managers increase reputation of Quest achievement challanges with 9 different cities:

Prontera, Geffen, Morocc, Payon, Yuno, Lighthalzen, Einbroch, Rachel and Veins.

  • Prontera coords: 142/67
  • Einbroch coords: 242/178
  • Geffen coords: 103/70
  • Lighthalzen coords: 220/110
  • Morocc coords: 184/94
  • Payon coords: 156/61
  • Rachel coords: 267/131
  • Veins coords: 194/116
  • Yuno coords: 151/127

Unity Merchant

/navi paramk 104/72

Unity Merchant sells Unity and Upgrade Equipment for

100 / 200 25051.pngUnity Token or 100,000 / 200,000 zeny.

To unlock her service, you need to reach good reputation with Prontera Contribution in Achievement Challenges Reputation section.

L-Phone Level 100+

Stebe Jabs

When you reach level 100+, you can talk to Stebe Jabs to craft your 43070.pngL-Phone.

It will unlock the command @phone.

  • L-Phone provides following features.
    • Buffs
    • Login Settings
    • Channel Settings
    • Autoloot Settings

Other NPCs

Vending Machine for Novice

Vending Machine for Novice

A little vending machine for Novice supplies.

You can also recycle your Novice equipment for some 25223.pngLimit Group Coin.

Recyclable gears: 2352.pngTattered Novice Ninja Suit2510.pngSomber Novice Hood

2414.pngNovice Slippers1243.pngNovice Main-Gauche2112.pngNovice Guard

5055.pngNovice False Eggshell

Secret Door

Secret Door

  • Enters secret room
  • Connects to Limit Service Center