Illusion Merchants

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Spend your hard earned 25271.pngIllusion Stone on special Illusion weapon and gears.

You can also apply enchantment.

Illusion Equipment

NPC Info Items for Sale


Gemcutter is inside Illusion of Moonlight

pay_d03_i 160/45

19209.pngIllusion Nurse Cap

19210.pngIllusion Apple of Archer

15195.pngIllusion Puente Robe

20838.pngIllusion Muffler

22133.pngIllusion Shoes

26109.pngIllusion Staff of Bordeaux

28725.pngIllusion Moonlight Dagger

16063.pngIllusion Long Mace

26007.pngIllusion Spectral Spear

Illusion Researcher

ice_dun02 153/18

13337.pngIllusion Huuma Fluttering Snow

1846.pngIllusion Combo Battle Glove
28922.pngIllusion Sacred Mission
20847.pngIllusion Survivor Manteau
19223.pngIllusion Cap

Great Merchant

gef_dun01 139/228

28022.pngIllusion Infiltrator
28023.pngIllusion Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul
2039.pngIllusion Wizardry Staff
18149.pngIllusion Ballista
28612.pngIllusion Apocalypse
20840.pngIllusion Ancient Cape
28508.pngIllusion Skull Ring
28509.pngIllusion Ring

Equipment Researcher

alberta 226/28

13469.pngIllusion Immaterial Sword
1326.pngIllusion War Axe
32005.pngIllusion Pole Axe
13338.pngIllusion Wing Shuriken
16065.pngIllusion Iron Driver
19247.pngIllusion Fancy Flower

Illusion Teddy Bear

Inside Illusion of Teddy bear

ein_d02_i 177/158

28745.pngIllusion Counter Dagger
28244.pngIllusion Gate Keeper DD
2051.pngIllusion Survivor's Staff
22190.pngIllusion Boots
19344.pngIllusion Hot-blooded Headband

Village Soap Artisan

Inside Illusion of Luanda

com_d02_i 234/266

28626.pngIllusion Tablet
18174.pngIllusion Hunter Bow
19366.pngIllusion Goibne Helm
15348.pngIllusion Goibne Armor
22192.pngIllusion Goibne's Greaves
20923.pngIllusion Goibne Spaulders


prt_fild01 141/367

28254.pngIllusion Butcher
21050.pngIllusion Tae Goo Lyeon
32301.pngIllusion Gold Lux
28762.pngIllusion Bazerald
32239.pngIllusion Morpheus's Bracelet
32238.pngIllusion Morpheus's Ring
20948.pngIllusion Morpheus's Shawl
19428.pngIllusion Morpheus's Hood


Inside Illusion of Underwater

iz_d04_i 134/228

580008.pngIllusion Electric Eel
570008.pngIllusion Electric Guitar
630006.pngIllusion Brionac
610012.pngIllusion Katar of Frozen Icicle
600011.pngIllusion Death Guidance
630007.pngIllusion Zephyrus
450144.pngIllusion Saint Robe
450145.pngIllusion Saphien's Armor of Ocean
450146.pngIllusion Chain Mail
400053.pngIllusion Morrigane's Helm
480054.pngIllusion Morrigane's Manteau
490069.pngIllusion Morrigane's Belt
490070.pngIllusion Morrigane's Pendant


Inside Illusion of Twins

ant_d02_i 175/186

450182.pngIllusion Sprint Mail [1]
470066.pngIllusion Sprint Shoes [1]
550030.pngIllusion Thorn Staff of Darkness [2]
550031.pngIllusion Dea Staff [2]
530015.pngIllusion Gelerdria [2]
620010.pngIllusion Doom Slayer [2]
510034.pngIllusion Ancient Dagger [2]
460017.pngIllusion Guard [1]
460018.pngIllusion Silver Guard [1]
500030.pngIllusion Excalibur [2]
490121.pngIllusion Sprint Glove [1]

 490120.pngIllusion Sprint Ring [1]

Illusion Enchant and Random Options

Illusion Enchanter

prontera 90/115

Illusion Enchanter can enchant your illusion equipment with extra power.

Enchant able equipment

Possible Enchants Armor

Possible Enchants Accessory

Illusion Merchant

prontera 90/112

Illusion Merchant sells random option applier for your Level 4 illusion weapons.

100003.pngRed Phantom Resonance Stone

100004.pngAzure Mirage Resonance Stone

100005.pngSpecial Phantom Resonance Stone
100006.pngSpecial Mirage Resonance Stone