Hellish Maze

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Goddess Silla is resting on Limitless Island, guarding the portals into a Hellish Maze.

Only the ones who can break the barrier could be allowed to enter.

Speak to Silla, and see what task she has to offer.


The Hellish Maze opens everyday.


NPC Info Quest Details


Help Silla by hunting down Levaithan inside Hellish Maze.

  • Hunt Leviathan
    • 200x 25399.pngGelstar
    • Base EXP 10000000000

Hellish Maze F1

Monster Name (ID) Rare Drops

Hellish Obsidian

Hellish Obsidian (24059)

Hellish Cult Performer

Hellish Cult Performer (24040)

Hellish Cult Recruiter

Hellish Cult Recruiter (24041)

Hellish Cult Leader

Hellish Cult Leader (24042)

Envious Spirit

Envious Spirit (24066)

Immortal Maiden

Immortal Maiden (24067)

Gluttony Guard

Gluttony Guard (24072)


Leviathan (24065)

(Respawn every 30 minutes)

Hellish Maze Instance

- Coming Soon -