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Forest of Mist is a dungeon instance that takes players into the mysterious crack severing Bifrost.
The guardian of the Bifrost began losing it's soul to lyrical-like temptations. As thousands of years passed, she wondered why she used all of her strength to guard the Bifrost. She became confused and chose to seal herself up rather than live in fear.

When she could no longer resist the lyrical temptation a massive crack broke through the bridge connecting Jotunheim and Alfheim, causing the two worlds to be severed. The passage through was now nothing but a mysterious fog. With the origin unknown, no one dared pass through.

Some adventurers have chosen to enter the fog but none have returned. Their fates have likely fallen into the same path as the nameless guardian maiden who locked away her confusion and despair into the dense fog.

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that holds the fastest clearance of this instance will receive follwing on record reset.

2x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

The prizes are sent to RODEX.

Entrance NPC

Laphine Soldier

bif_fild01 158/340

Travel to Bifrost Field 01, and talk to Laphine Soldier to create an instance. Level 99+

Log Tunnel

bif_fild01 161/355

Enter the Hazy Forest from the Log Tunnel.

Instance Tutorial

Step 1

Mysterious Young Man

1@mist 97/30

  • First time doing the instance, talk to Mysterious Young Man.
    • "Yes, I do."
    • "No I haven't"
Step 2 Hazyforestmap.png
  • Enlarge this map, and follow it, to walkthough the instance maze.
Step 3 Tom
  • When walking through the instance, you will enter different
    • Tom's Garden, Tomba's Garden, Remi's Garden, Rem's Garden, Ron's Garden, Rover's Garden, Mona's Garden, Namon's Garden, Tito's Garden, Neoron's Garden, Pumba's Garden and Tete's Garden.
  • Kill the Guardian in each garden, example Tom, in Tom's Garden.
Step 4 Tom's Garden Tree
  • After killing the garden guardian, Tom, check out the Garden Tree.
    • Chop it down, to open up warp to go further.
Step 5

Mysterious Flower

  • Some special gardens, you can findMysterious Flowers.
Step 6 Wandering Purple Dragon
  • Main mission is to find and kill Wandering Purple Dragon.
Step 7


1@mist 183/304

  • Enter Namon's Garden, and talk to Loki.
Step 8

Flower Smelling Lady

mora 46/152

  • Go back to Mora, and talk to Flower Smelling Lady.
Step 9

Sharp Eyed Man

mora 48/152

  • Then talk to Sharp Eyed Man.
  • Instance Quest complete.
  • You can repeat the instance again another time, but this quest is just one time.

Instance Monster

Monster Name (ID) Rare Drops


Parus (2134)


Miming (2137)

Little Fatum

Little Fatum (2136)

Pom Spider

Pom Spider (2132)

Angra Mantis

Angra Mantis (2133)

Wandering Purple Dragon

Wandering Purple Dragon (2131)