Episode 17.2

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Legacy of the Wise One

Through 'Elumina', a member of 'ilusion' captured in Cor, 'ilusion' gets information that is currently occupying Barmund's mansion.

Rebellion, who entered the Barmund mansion through the sewer pipe connected to the lake, and the secret wing, the adventurer meet the automata, the mansion manager who protects the barmund mansion. Find out what happened in the mansion.

The managers of the mansion call Rebellion and adventurers as 'guests' and treat them with utmost hospitality.

What kind of past do they remember?

With the consideration of the great sage Barmund, the past and the present meet to unravel the old story, and those who see the present take a new step for the future.


Completed main quests of Episode 17.1

Quest Guides

Main Quests Side Quests Daily Quests Instances
  1. Entering Varmundt's Mansion
  2. Gather Network Repairs
  3. Gossip Tea Party
  4. Broken Core

Available Items

Useful Items Equipment Weapons

Merchant NPCs

NPC Info Equipment Weapons


ba_in01 87/383

Yeoncheong in Weapon shop of Varmundt's Mansion.

Illusion equipment +9 along with 900x 1000103.pngBarmeal Ticket for Automatic Equipment

Illusion accessory along with 1500x 1000103.pngBarmeal Ticket for Automatic accessory

Sins Weapons costs 1000x 1000103.pngBarmeal Ticket 


NPC Info Item Requirement


ba_in01 87/376

You can talk to Cube Lane after completing the Entering Varmundt's Mansion quest.

100251.pngIllusion Reinforcement Cube

Refines your Illusion equipment to +7

10,000,000 zeny

100252.pngAutomatic Reinforcement Cube

Refines your Automatic equipment to +7

30,000,000 zeny



ba_in01 87/380

Talk to Yecheon to purchase weapon and equipment modifier items.

The Improvement Device gives random options to Sin Weapons.

Modification Modules gives enchants to Equipments.

You can get 1 random Modifiation Module for 90x 1000103.pngBarmeal Ticket

100162.pngAutomatic Improvement Device Physical



100163.pngAutomatic Improvement Device Magical



ba_in01 87/373

You can talk to Spiera after completing the Entering Varmundt's Mansion quest.

You can now purchase equipment Epic modifiers items for 300x 1000104.pngMagical Soapstone

Enchanter NPC


ba_in01 87/370

Lisa is the NPC that can apply Modifcation Modules to your Automatic equipment.



ba_in01 87/386

Child Manager B is the NPC that allows you to exchange your 1000103.pngBarmeal Ticket with 9123.pngChild Admin Beta Egg,1000227.png Cloud Cotton

10044.pngLittle Headdress Alpha and 10043.pngLittle Headdress Beta.