Episode 17.1

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Join the Secret Wing rebellious group and help the new King finding out who is behind those disgusting experiments.

Along the way, you will reveal many secrets behind the Rekenber and new Heart Hunter group!


Completed main quests of Episode 16.2

Quest Guides

Main Quests Side Quests Daily Quests Instances
  1. Experiment Waste Disposal
  2. Rescue Regenschirm
  3. Investigating Rekenber
  4. Old Memories
  5. Helping the Workers
  6. Capturing Elyumina

Available Items

Useful Items Equipment

Merchant NPCs


sp_cor 111/130

You can talk to Elyumina after completing the Capturing Elyuumina quest.

You can purchase OS weapons and Illusion equipment.

Each weapon costs: 

1x 25668.pngDamaged Weapon and 50x 25669.pngMysterious Component

Each equipment costs:

50x 25723.pngCor Core


sp_cor 108/130

Talk to Rebellion to purchase weapon or armor modifier items.

Weapon Mods costs:

5x 25723.pngCor Core or 1,000,000 zeny.

1 random Modification Module costs:

30x 25669.pngMysterious Component & 5x 25723.pngCor Core

Weapon Mods

Equipment Mods

Grace Equipment


sp_cor 136,156

Grace Operator can exchange gears.

Modification Permit costs: 10x 25669.pngMysterious Component

Equipment costs: 20x 25669.pngMysterious Component

Grace Refine tickets: 20x 25723.pngCor Core

Enchanter NPC


sp_cor 106/136

RS26 is the NPC that can apply Modifcation Modules to your Illusion equipment.