Episode 16.2

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Terra Gloria

Follow up the Heroes journey after the new King's coroning in Midgard.

The rebellious group digging deeper the business of the higher ups, what will they find?


Completed main quests of Episode 16.1

Quest Guides

Main Quests Side Quests Daily Quests Instances
  1. Secret Action
  2. Next Operation Plan

Available Items

Useful Items Dropped Equipment Equipment

Merchant NPCs


rebel_in 74/67

Strasse can exchange gears using 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token.

Imperial Equipment


rebel_in 99/51

Imperial Operator can exchange gears using

10x 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token.

Enchant NPC


rebel_in 90/40

Hogar can enchant your 15163.pngAgenda Robe [1] and 15164.pngConsultation Robe [1] for 20x 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token.

Reset costs 10x 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token.

Also the 28425.pngMercenary Ring Type A and 28426.pngMercenary Ring Type B for 5x 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token. 

Reset costs 10x 25155.pngSchwarz's Honor Token, 20% chance to break item.

  • Possible enchant
    • Random stats of 1 ~ 2.