Episode 16.1

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Banquet for Heroes

You are being invited as a Hero of Midgard to join the big Banquet held by the Royal families.

Is it a simple feast? Or are there something else behind all this? 


Accessed New World

Onward to the New World Quest or Cat Paw Agent Quest

Level 100+

Tips: You can find Cat Paw Agent inside Limit Group HQ.

Cat Paw Agent

Quest Guides

Main Quests Side Quests Daily Quests Instances
  1. Royal Invitation
  2. Meet the Royal Families
  3. Access the Room
  4. Ritual of Blessing

Available Items

Useful Costume Hats Equipment Weapons

Merchant NPCs

Shops Item Stock (6919.png)

Logistic Manager

/navi prt_cas 180/275

Corrupt Warder

/navi prt_pri00 46/130


/navi prt_cas 166/255

Noblesse Equipment

Noblesse Operator

/navi prt_cas 166/260

Selling Noblesse Equipment
Costs: 10-20  6919.pngHonor Token

Enchanter NPC


/navi prt_pri00 61/13

Dylan can apply enchants to your equipment from Commissary.

Costs 6919.pngHonor Token

  • Possible enchants
    • Random stats 1 ~ 5