Episode 15.2

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Lost Memories

Explore the lost memoires of city Verus.

Find the missing Memory Records and discover more about the past.


Completed Episode 15.1 main quests.

Quest Guides

Main Quests Daily Quests Instance
  1. The Memory Records
  2. Vestige

Available Items

Useful Items Equipment

Merchant NPC


verus01 151/173

Fruit located in Laboratory-OPTATIO can trade you unique goods. (Completed quest Vestige)

Costs 17x 6827.pngComplete Machine Parts for any chips.

Pluto 09

verus04 163/219

PLUTO_09 has unique equipment and enchant patterns.

It accepts 6961.pngHuge Metal Scrap and 6962.pngOld Fuel

Enchant NPC


MARS_01 can be activated with 1x 6962.pngOld Fuel.

It can enchant your 20773.pngExcelion Wing and 15128.pngExcelion Suit.

It's totally free of charge, but you cannot unenchant.

20773.pngExcelion Wing