Episode 13.3

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El Dicastes

El Dicastes is the bustling capital city of the Saphas. It is headed by Ravail, highest elder of El Dicastes. A pub called the Burman Flone provides a place of comfort to Midgardian adventurers.  
El Dicastes is nestled within a small valley. As such, it is walled up on all sides by steep mountains.
The city itself is divided into 4 sections: the refinery section, which includes the factory; the residential section for upper and lower class citizens; the barracks section for Galtun training; and the Piom dormitories.
El Dicastes was formerly a Bradium-mining town like Manuk but eventually developed into the sprawling city it is today.


Otherworld Language with 2782.pngRing of the Ancient Wise King equipped.

Quest Guides

Main Quests Daily Quests
  1. Sapha's Visit
  2. Doha's Secret Orders
  3. Frede's Request

Available Items

Useful Items Equipment

Merchant NPCs

Curious Sapha

dic_dun01 266/113


dic_fild01 232/159

Enchant NPC


dic_fild01 240/198

Can enchant and reset (destroy) of your 2463.pngFeral Boots


dic_fild01 254/172

Can enchant and reset (destroy) of your 2564.pngFeral Tail


dic_fild01 246/182

Can enchant and reset (destroy) of your 2843.pngGold Trickle


dic_in01 353/37

Can enchant and reset of your 2844.pngLight Of El Discastes

Reset fee is 6x 6304.pngProof Of Sapha's Honor