Episode 13.1

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Ash Vacuum

In Rune-Midgarts' recent history, catastrophe and destruction came to pass. Surt was freed and annihilated Morocc, altering the world forever. But even during this darkest moment, the light of Heroism shone through and hope still remains.

The invincible Surt fled before his life was snuffed out by the Heroes of the world. The inter-dimensional Rift that his passage created is a landmark to heroism`s resolve in these legendary days. But even disaster brings opportunity. It seems only fitting that if Surt invades our land, it is only fair that we invade his! So now eager adventurers are planning extended campaigns into what is being called the "Ash Vacuum". This strange land that is so different from Midgard still can be won by the spirit of Adventure and Bravery!


Base Level 70+

Quest Guides

Main Quest Daily Quests
  1. Onward the New World
  2. New Surrounding
  3. Attitude to the New World
  4. Finding Fairy and Tree Giant
  5. The Tripartite Union's Feud
  6. Report from the New World
  7. Pursuing Rayan Moore

Available Items


Merchant NPCs

Exchange Items


mid_camp 165/245


mid_camp 247/255


mid_camp 222/218