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Costume can be equipped on your costume equipment section, in Alt + Q.

There are top, mid and low costume hats, that when equipped, will replace the looks of your regular hats.

You can even enchant your costume hats with special enchant stones, some special event related costume hats even has temporary bonus.

Aladdin's Event Shop

You can obtain the following listed costume hats from Aladdin's Event Shop in Prontera.

Box Name Common Rare
43009.pngEvent Box(January)
43010.pngEvent Box(February)
43011.pngEvent Box(March)
43012.pngEvent Box(April)
43013.pngEvent Box(May)
43014.pngEvent Box(June)
43015.pngEvent Box(July)
43016.pngEvent Box(August)
43017.pngEvent Box(September)
43018.pngEvent Box(October)
43019.pngEvent Box(November)
43020.pngEvent Box(December)
43072.pngEvent Box(Valkyrie)
43073.pngEvent Box(Viking)
43074.pngEvent Box(Dragon)
43021.pngCostume Wig Box 1
43022.pngCostume Wig Box 2
43023.pngCostume Wig Box 3
43024.pngCostume Wig Box 4
43025.pngCostume Wig Box 5
43026.pngCostume Wig Box 6
43027.pngCostume Wig Box 7
43028.pngCostume Wig Box 8
43029.pngCostume Wig Box 9
43030.pngCostume Wig Box 10


43031.pngCostume Wig Box 11
43032.pngCostume Wig Box 12
43033.pngCostume Wig Box 13
43034.pngCostume Wig Box 14
43035.pngCostume Wig Box 15
43036.pngCostume Wig Box 16
43037.pngCostume Wig Box 17
43038.pngCostume Wig Box 18
43039.pngCostume Wig Box 19
43040.pngCostume Wig Box 20


Achievement Challenges

Rank Rewards


  1. 940972.png(C) Kindergarten Hat
  2. 941491.png(C) Blue Eden Hat
  3. 941492.png(C) Special Eden Hat
  4. 941676.png(C) Yellow Cherry Blossom Hat
  5. 941680.png(C) Cat Coffee Cup
  6. 941719.png(C) Bulgogi Mascot
  7. 941916.png(C) Pink Knit Paw Hat
  8. 941917.png(C) Brown Knit Paw Hat
  9. 941920.png(C) Frill Collar
  10. 941932.png(C) Suit Collar
  11. 941199.png(C) Gigant Helm
  12. 941322.png(C) Seraph Helm
  13. 941330.png(C) Pirate King Cap
  14. 941331.png(C) Rune Helm
  15. 941389.png(C) Mad Hatter
  16. 941821.png(C) Golden Violet Crown
  17. 941881.png(C) Phalanx
  18. 941832.png(C) Phantom Cap
  19. 941644.png(C) Greater Dracul Horn
  20. 941604.png(C) Eden Magician Hat

Limitless Island Costumes

Earl Mansion

Siege Coin Costumes

Box Name Possible Costumes
44200.pngCastle Costume Box(Prontera)
44201.pngCastle Costume Box(Payon)
44202.pngCastle Costume Box(Geffen)
44203.pngCastle Costume Box(Aldebaran)
44204.pngCastle Costume Box(Yuno)
44205.pngCastle Costume Box(Rachel)

Costume Machine

Costume Machine

Use 100x Gelstars to obtain a random costume from the list.

The list updates everyday with different costumes.