Bangungot's Instance

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During the wartime...a hospital serving the injured was built... it was a lovely place and everyone inside the hospital was very busy.
With time slowly, people no longer need this building and abandoned it. Today, many are scared to says, something weird is lurking inside...

Have completed quest: Cautious Village QuestNurse in Port Malaya

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that hold the fastest clearance of this instance will receive the following on record reset.

4x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

The prizes are sent to RODEX

Party Bonus Treasure

Party Bonus Treasure

Entrance NPC



Talk to Nurse to generate and enter the instance.

Instance Tutorial

Step 1


  • In each of the patient rooms, kill all the Bangungot's Mangkukulam spawn kill it as soon as possible.
Step 2



  • After you killed all the monsters the portal will appear
  • Bangungot will spawn at the center of the room. 
Step 3


  •  After you successful defeating Bangungot, Pillar of Spirit will appear at the center of the room
  • The Pillar of Spirit has a max HP of 250 with 1 damage taken (Similar with plants).
  • If you fail to defeat it within a minute. Bangungot will be fully resurrected.

Instance Monsters

Monster Name Rare Drops