Airship Crash Site

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Following the Airship Raid with Captain Ferlock, the airship loses control and crashes onto an unidentified island. The Ymir Stone used to power the airship breaks and scatters through out the island. An expedition team makes their way to the crash site for observation. Your goal is to help the expedition team navigate through the island and investigate the monsters that inhabits the place. Through the effects from the Ymir Stone, these monsters are very powerful.

A cool down of 3 days, and need 215+ to enter.

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that holds the fastest clearance of this instance will receive follwing on record reset.

8x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

The prizes are sent to RODEX.

Party Bonus Treasure

Party Bonus Treasure

Entrance NPC

Dr. Dry Circle Strong

/navi dali02 137/86

Speak to Dr. Dry Circle Strong in Dimensional Rift, generate and enter the instance.

Merchant NPC

NPC Info Item Stock  

Pizza Sword String

/navi dali02 134/87

You can exchange Ymir Fragments for useful items from Pizza Sword String.

1000363.pngYmir Fragment 10x 1000364.pngYmir Ore
100476.pngYmir Beads 17x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
150,000 zeny
470071.pngUnknown Strength Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
470072.pngUnknown Dexterity Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
470073.pngUnknown Vitality Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
470074.pngUnknown Intelligence Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
470076.pngUnknown Agility Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
470077.pngUnknown Luck Boots [1] 185x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
100462.pngContaminated Card Album 2500x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment

Unknown Boots Random Options

Option 1 Option 2
Max HP 1 ~ 10% HP natural recovery rate 25 ~ 50%
Max SP 1 ~ 10% SP natural recovery rate 25 ~ 50%
  Max HP 50 ~ 1000
  Max SP 10 ~ 300
  ASPD 1 ~ 7%
  Reduces Variable casting time 1 ~ 10%

Instance Tutorial

Step 1

Surprised Resident

Speak to Surpsied Resident

Then walk and enter the Cave

Step 2

Professor Daeguto

Speak to Professor Daeguto party leader and register party leader.

Monster will spawn.

Note: After registering, the party number count is fixed.

If anyone is not inside Instance during Boss fight, the Boss will be Immune.

Step 3

Graduate Student

Speak to Graduate Student for monster hunting quest.

Kill 100 Monsters = 5x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
Kill 200 Monsters = 15x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment
Kill 350 Monsters = 35x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment

Step 4

Graduate Student

Turn in 55x 1000363.pngYmir Fragment to Graduate Student ghost to summon the Boss.

Boss spawns at /navi 1@mjo2 202/372

Warning Boss Fight

There are 4 types of Bosses, depends on how many Party members.

Side Quest

Injured Passenger

Rescue 10 Injured Passenger.

Captain Ferlock

/navi 1@mjo1 71/344

Speak to Captain Ferlock to obtain EXP

785000000 / 200000000

Instance Monsters

Monster Name (ID) Rare Drops

Rotten Tree

Rotten Tree (20886)

Melted Poring

Melted Poring (20887)

Grave Worm

Grave Worm (20888)

Brain Sucker

Brain Sucker (20889)


Mosquilo (20890)

Unknown Creature

Unknown Creature (20891)

Unidentified Creature (21061, 21062, 21063)