Achivement Challanges

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Complete different achievement challenges and get rewarded.

Collect 43065.pngAchievement Medal and purchase items from Achievement Store inside Limit Service Center.

This page only contains achievements that gives remarkable rewards, most achievements only gives Rank up Points to achieve rank up.

Achievement Shop

Achievement Store

You can spend your 43065.pngAchievement Medal in this store.


Achieve Base Level 99
Achieve Base Level 100
Achieve Base Level 150
Achieve Base Level 175
Achieve Base Level 200
Achieve Job Level 50
Achieve Job Level 70
Job Change to Transcendent/Extended Job


Monster hunting achievements that rewards 43065.pngAchievement Medal

Battle Pass

BG Pass Season 3

(2021.11.11 to 2022.01.11)

Complete each Battleground to obtain EXP.


Inside BG Lobby

PvP Pass Season 3

(2021.11.11 to 2022.01.11)

Survive in PvP Death Match to obtain EXP.

BG Pass Season 2

(2021.07.26 to 2021.10.26)

PvP Pass Season 2

(2021.07.26 to 2021.10.26)

BG Pass Season 1

(2021.06.21 to 2021.07.21)

PvP Pass Season 1

(2021.06.21 to 2021.07.21)


Reputation achievements that unlocks shops in different towns.

Quest achievements that rewards 43065.pngAchievement Medal


Find hidden treasures around the world, for players level 200+ and rewarded with 43065.pngAchievement Medal


Reaching Rank 1
Reaching Rank 2
Reaching Rank 3
Reaching Rank 4
Reaching Rank 5
Reaching Rank 6
Reaching Rank 7
Reaching Rank 8
Reaching Rank 9
Reaching Rank 10
Reaching Rank 11
Reaching Rank 12
Reaching Rank 13
Reaching Rank 14
Reaching Rank 15
Reaching Rank 16
Reaching Rank 17
Reaching Rank 18
Reaching Rank 19
Reaching Rank 20