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Changelogs - Course change to Super High Rate

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The best 15000x15000x1500x 4th Job Episode 18.1 kRO balanced PK server
Recommended people with job, family, age above 30+

Content Updates

  • EXP Rate: 15000x
  • Drop Rate: 1500x
  • Enabled PK on all maps for level 200+
  • All PvP/PK maps battle config changed to 
    • 99% redux
    • (no 1 shot kill, unless you are Super OP vs Super noob.)
  • Zeny to Cash / Cash to Zeny NPC removed.
  • Several cash shop items removed, no longer relevant.
  • Costume cash garment buffed to All stats 10 and All Traits 5.
  • Most items from cash shop is now tradable.

We will add more content that requires PvP, PK, BG and WoE.

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