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    The official section for players to report bugs and other issues.
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  • ¬†ūüďĆStatus Definition


    Pending for verification, or required more information.


    Issue has been resolved and effective after next Maintenance.


    Invalid report, failed to replicate or false alarm.

    ūüíįBug Report Reward Program

    • Critical Bugs = 20 25399.pngGelstar
      • This is type of bugs that gives infinite items, zeny, EXP,¬†duplicate items or increase stuff unlimited.
      • REPORT with Private Message!
    • Serious Bugs = 5¬†25399.pngGelstar
      • This is type of bugs that crashes server, skill bugs or other item bugs that gives unfair advantage, example skill hits 10000000 dmg.
    • Neutral Bugs = 1¬†25399.pngGelstar
      • This is type of bugs that quest is stuck, or NPC dialog stuck, or other minor stuff that doesn't generally disturb the game balance.
    • Small Bugs = Kiss from Mods
      • This is type of bugs such as typo in description.

    How to claim? 

    • Simply contact Mods in discord and link him your report.
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