Constellation Tower

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A new owner has settled in previous called "Endless Tower". 

The previous owner Naught Sieger is now only the 2nd boss...while who might be the big new boss now?

Need level 240+ and has 1 day cool down.

Speed Run Record

Weekly speed run is an exclusive feature for this instance, that resets every Monday.

All the party members that holds the fastest clearance of this instance will receive follwing on record reset.

10x 6909.pngSilvervine Cat Fruit

The prizes are sent to RODEX.

Party Bonus Treasure

Party Bonus Treasure

Entrance NPC

Captain Janssen

alberta 215/76

Speak to Captain Janssen to enter mystic island.


e_tower 71/114

Speak to Oscar to create and enter Constellation Tower.

Merchant NPC

NPC Info Equipment List Materials Needed


OSC007 has many equipment that you can exchange.

You can access it once you killed Betelgeuse quest.

1000373.pngMeteorite Fragment

450166.pngFaint Star's Robe [1]
450167.pngFaint Star's Suit [1]
450168.pngFaint Star's Armor [1]
450169.pngNebula Armor of Power [1]
450170.pngNebula Armor of Stamina [1]
450171.pngNebula Suit of Concentration [1]
450172.pngNebula Suit of Creative [1]
450173.pngNebula Robe of Spell [1]
450174.pngNebula Robe of Wisdom [1]


OSC006 has many accessory that you can exchange.

You can access it once you killed Betelgeuse quest.

490131.pngStellar Seal [1]
490132.pngStellar Power Seal [1]
490133.pngStellar Stamina Seal [1]
490134.pngStellar Concentration Seal [1]
490135.pngStellar Creative Seal [1]
490136.pngStellar Spell Seal [1]
490137.pngStellar Wisdom Seal [1]

Enchant NPC


Can enchant your Nebula Armors when it's +9 refined.
Reset costs: 10x 1000372.pngMeteorite Powder + 1m zeny, 80% success rate.

You can slot each armor 3 times, starting with Hidden slot 3, Hidden slot 2, and Hidden slot 1.

Slot 3 enchant fee: 5x 1000372.pngMeteorite Powder + 50,000z 

Slot 2 Enchant fee: Meteor Dust + 100,000z

Slot 1 Enchant fee: Meteorite Fragment + 1,000,000z

Hidden Slot 1 Hidden Slot 2 Hidden Slot 3
310674.pngStar Cluster of Power Lv1 (42.00%) 310727.pngNebula of Fighting Spirit Lv1 (14.00%) 4702.pngSTR + 3 (15.00%)
310675.pngStar Cluster of Power Lv2 (7.20%) 310728.pngNebula of Fighting Spirit Lv2 (2.40%) 4703.pngSTR + 4 (4.50%)
310676.pngStar Cluster of Power Lv3 (0.90%) 310729.pngNebula of Fighting Spirit Lv3 (0.30%) 4704.pngSTR + 5 (0.50%)
310677.pngStar Cluster of Stamina Lv1 (7.70%) 310730.pngNebula of Expert Archer Lv1 (14.00%) 4712.pngINT + 3 (15.00%)
310678.pngStar Cluster of Stamina Lv2 (2.00%) 310731.pngNebula of Expert Archer Lv2 (2.40%) 4713.pngINT + 4 (4.50%)
310679.pngStar Cluster of Stamina Lv3 (0.30%) 310732.pngNebula of Expert Archer Lv3 (0.30%) 4714.pngINT + 5 (0.50%)
310680.pngStar Cluster of Concentration Lv1 (7.70%) 310733.pngNebula of Sharp Lv1 (14.00%) 4721.pngDEX + 2 (15.00%)
310681.pngStar Cluster of Concentration Lv2 (2.00%) 310734.pngNebula of Sharp Lv2 (2.40%) 4722.pngDEX + 3 (4.50%)
310682.pngStar Cluster of Concentration Lv3 (0.30%) 310735.pngNebula of Sharp Lv3 (0.20%) 4723.pngDEX + 4 (0.50%)
310683.pngStar Cluster of Creative Lv1 (7.60%) 310736.pngNebula of Spell Lv1 (14.00%) 4732.pngAGI + 3 (15.00%)
310684.pngStar Cluster of Creative Lv2 (2.00%) 310737.pngNebula of Spell Lv2 (2.40%) 4733.pngAGI + 4 (4.50%)
310685.pngStar Cluster of Creative Lv3 (0.30%) 310738.pngNebula of Spell Lv3 (0.20%) 4734.pngAGI + 5 (0.50%)
310686.pngStar Cluster of Spell Lv1 (7.70%) 310739.pngNebula of Healing Lv1 (14.00%) 4742.pngVIT + 3 (15.00%)
310687.pngStar Cluster of Spell Lv2 (2.00%) 310740.pngNebula of Healing Lv2 (2.40%) 4743.pngVIT + 4 (4.50%)
310688.pngStar Cluster of Spell Lv3 (0.30%) 310741.pngNebula of Healing Lv3 (0.30%) 4744.pngVIT + 5 (0.50%)
310689.pngStar Cluster of Wisdom Lv1 (7.70%) 310742.pngNebula of Health Lv1 (14.00%) -
310690.pngStar Cluster of Wisdom Lv2 (2.00%) 310743.pngNebula of Health Lv2 (2.40%) -
310691.pngStar Cluster of Wisdom Lv3 (0.30%) 310744.pngNebula of Health Lv3 (0.30%) -



Can enchant your Stellar Accessories
Reset costs: 30x 1000372.pngMeteorite Powder + 500k zeny, 80% success rate.

You can slot each accessory 2 times, starting with Hidden slot 3 -> Hidden slot 2.

Slot 3 enchant fee: 5x 1000373.pngMeteorite Fragment + 300,000z 

Slot 2 Enchant fee: 10x 1000373.pngMeteorite Fragment + 500,000z


Instance Tutorial

Step 1


Speak with Oscar inside and choose to start!

Step 2


Kill the monsters, each floor and climb up.

Choose 1


At floor 25, you can choose to fight Naught Sieger or continue climbing to Floor 50

Rewards 1000396.pngNaght Sieger Soul.

Step 3


You can before fighting Betelgeuse, to choose to shuffle stats or break seals for more rewards but harder boss.

Then talk to Oscar when you are ready and settled with settings.

And enter the fight from the big door.

Choose 2


At Floor 50, you can fight Betelgeuse the real boss.

Rewards 1000397.pngBeteleuse Soul.

Also rewards treasure chests that drops:

1000398.pngPower Meteorite Powder
1000399.pngStamina Meteorite Powder
1000400.pngAgile Meteorite Powder
1000401.pngLucky Meteorite Powder
1000402.pngMeteorite Powder of Spell
1000403.pngMeteorite Powder of Wisdom

chance to get costumes if fight Max Abilities, even costume with Effect!

400147.pngCostume Dropping Betelgeuse
400148.pngCostume Black Dragon Wig
400149.pngCostume Black Thunder

Instance Monsters

Monster Name (ID) Rare Drops

All Floor monsters do not have regular drops.

Each 5th floor has an unique MvP.

Naght Sieger (20996)

Betelguese (20994)