Last Update: 9 March 2023

LimitRO Information

A Ragnarok community with members all around the world, gathered to play the game, we are mainly focused on PvP/WoE.

Basic Information

  • Discussion Rates: 15000x15000x1500x
  • Discussion Max Level: 260/55
  • Discussion Max Stats: 130
  • Discussion Max Traits: 100
  • Discussion Max ASPD: 193
  • Jobs: All 4th Jobs: Dragon Knight, Meister, Shadow Cross, Arch Mage, Wind Hawk, Cardinal, Imperial Guard, Abyss Chaser, Biolo, Elemental Master, Inquisitor, Troubadour, Trouvenour.
  • Extended Jobs: Sky Emperor, Soul Ascetic, Night Watch, Hyper Novice, Spirit Handler, Shinkiro, Shiranui.
  • For more info click here...


  • Episode 18.1 and Episde 19.1 Equipment
  • Progressive following kRO
  • All Illusion Dungeons
  • 40+ Instances
  • Client version 2023

Featured NPC

  • Warper / Healer
  • Rental NPC
  • Job Changer
  • Card Remover
  • Skill / Stat Reseter
  • Extra Storage

Custom Featured

  • Limitless Island
  • Fishing: Legend of Sea King
  • Mining: World and Deep Mines
  • Hourly ingame unique events

Example Commands

  • @go
  • @storage
  • @autoloot

Proxy destinations

Low ping for everyone!

We have very advanced infrastructure of the destionation that allows us to build stable Proxy destinations globally.
We cover all major parts of the world, wether you are from SEA, or South America or Europe, you will play with very low ping in our destionation.

Available Proxy destionation:

  • USA West
  • USA East
  • Singapore
  • Sao Paulo
  • Amsterdam
  • Dubai
To test your ping, simply type !ping ~

Safety Guide

GIRL = Guy in Real Life!

Do not give p / u away.
Mod will never ask for your p or login name, never give it to anyone that claims to be a Mod and ask for your p / u.

Do not enter website with LimitRO account info.
There are some websites that looks like LimitRO, do not enter your info on any sites.

Do not accept programs.
There are no item duplicator programs, only VIRUS that hacks your account info.

Ingame PMs regarding Event or Mod offers.
THERE ARE FAKE EVENT characters ingame, PM you saying you have WON items or Mod position! Never give them ANYTHING, REPORT!